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Cat Ball Toys

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Cat Toy Balls

It’s universally known that cats love to relax and sleep—sometimes all day long. And like other animals—they also need a certain amount of stimulation and exercise, allowing their natural predatory instincts, like stalking, swatting and chasing to come out. A cat ball toy for your feline can be a great option for their physical and mental enrichment. Cat ball toys let your kitty expel their natural energy and help keep them agile and at a good weight.

FAQs About Balls for Cats

Cats are curious by nature and need lots of stimulation to help keep them happy and well-balanced. Enough entertainment and playtime can help keep them from developing unwanted behaviors.

While most cats can easily entertain themselves, it’s best to have a collection of different toys for them to choose from. Our selection of interactive cat toys alongside cat ball toys and cat plush toys can all aid in keeping your pet entertained and active.

Every cat is different, with unique preferences and play styles. Try out a few different options and collect a varied selection for use indoors. You might have a fuzzy ball cat toy or an LED motion-activated cat ball. If you have a young one, get a kitten ball toy and then introduce a cat crinkle ball and a cat toy ball with a bell as they grow. See which accessories your pet likes the most and if they have unique health needs, consult your veterinarian about the best cat toys for them.

Since many cats have a powerful prey drive, they often enjoy batting around a mouse toy. A cat toy plush mouse or a ball with a feather cat toy can be good for bringing out your feline’s natural hunting instincts and behaviors during playtime. A mouse cat toy with a ball inside can be an excellent way to get your cat motivated, mentally stimulated and engaged with chasing the mouse while getting some exercise.

A cat crinkle ball is a small cat ball toy wrapped in shiny layers of colorful Mylar with a crinkly, crackly texture. It’s sparkly, noisy and small enough for your cat to chase, catch and swat with ease. The crinkle sounds drive some playful cats wild, and they’ll have so much fun chasing after it.