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cat toilet & potty training

Shop for cat toilet and potty training products at Petco and help your pet learn where they can eliminate in your home. Although felines are often known as a low maintenance pet, there are times when they need a little guidance when it comes to potty training. This is especially true if you’re moving to a colder climate and need to teach your outdoor cat how to eliminate appropriately indoors.

If you’ve set up your litter box and your cat isn’t using it right away, first make sure it’s in a place that’s kitty approved before you start looking into cat potty training supplies. A kitty approved location is usually away from their food, water, and anything noisy like a water heater. This area should also be easily accessible, so your pet can get there in time.

Once you’ve set it up in an area you think they’ll be comfortable with, use cat attractant litter to lure your pet to their box or pan. When toilet training a young feline you can even use kitten specific attractants. However, if you’re trying to potty train your outdoor cat indoors, you can also sprinkle his box with the dirt or sand they’ve used previously. Another option is an indoor yard potty training system. This potty training solution offers them outdoor experience they might feel more comfortable using.

Some pet parents prefer not to deal with the cleanup required by an indoor yard, litter box or pan, that’s where cat toilet training comes in. If you’re new to the systems required to begin cat toilet training, Petco has a few different kits to help you get started. These cat toilet training systems are often equipped with manuals, DVDs, and different sized seats to help your feline master the art of using your toilet. Explore all the cat toilet and potty training solutions at Petco, and find out how you can facilitate this necessary part of being a pet parent.