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Outdoor Cat Enclosures

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Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Outside cat enclosures present an excellent alternative to keeping your cat indoors all day. A cat patio enclosure can offer your kitty an opportunity to get closer to the outside world and enjoy some fresh air without sacrificing their safety and security—as some cats can be great escape artists.

FAQs About Outdoor Cat Enclosures

An outdoor cat run enclosure can be a great way to allow your cat to spend more time outdoors without you having to worry about their safety and whereabouts. Your cat will benefit from the fresh air and exercise, and they may find the space and proximity to the outside to be very calming or stimulating. If your cat is going to be spending more time outdoors, check out our Outdoor Pet Safety Tips.

Your cat will probably enjoy as much space as you give them, but a good minimum size is 2-feet wide, 3-feet long and 2-feet high. That should give them enough space to stretch out while they enjoy the outside air. If you want to provide your cat with a more expansive outdoor cat pen, they surely wouldn’t mind. You can find cat enclosures that offer all sorts of amenities, including multiple levels, additional places to sit and different vantage points to the outside world. The larger cat enclosures can also be good if you have multiple cats, giving them all room to gaze out, climb, play and cuddle.

Each cat is different. While some cats may love their outside environment, other cats may want nothing to do with it. You know your cat best, but it’s not always easy to know how readily they would adopt an outdoor enclosure. Set up your outdoor cat enclosure properly and see how your cat likes it. Once you’ve ensured that your cat appreciates the option to spend more time outdoors, you might consider upgrading to a more elaborate enclosure. Additionally, cats who love their outdoor enclosures might also appreciate walking outside with their pet parents. Check out our article about How to Leash Train Your Cat.

Cats don’t necessarily need an outdoor enclosure—or catio—but they could certainly benefit from one. Breathing fresh air and getting more interaction with the outdoors can have many benefits for their health. The additional stimulation of contact with the outside world can create a more mentally alert cat and encourage more exercise. Whether a cat enclosure is right for you and your pet and the financial and living situation you’re in is up to you. And if you do decide to get a catio for your kitty, check out our article about Designing The Purrfect Catio.