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Cats can be fickle about some things. Most of them like things done a certain way, at a certain time. They have their particular favorites and habits, and if something isn’t up to their standards, they can let you know. This can also apply to privacy when they’re doing their business. Some felines prefer more privacy and a feeling of security than traditional litter boxes typically provide. You have a bathroom door, so why shouldn’t they?

FAQs About Covered Cat Litter Boxes

While it can depend on the habits of your feline friend, litter box covers can have more advantages than the traditional open-rim cat litter box enclosures.  Cat box cover ups often appeal to cats who like small spaces and places to hide. It can make them feel protected and less vulnerable while they’re distracted by nature’s call, so they’ll likely feel more comfortable and less likely to have accidents in less-than-desirable areas. It’s also appealing for pet parents who don’t like seeing their kitty’s leavings whenever they enter a room. A cover for your cat litter box keeps things hidden and easier to tolerate. If you have dogs, it can also discourage them from curiously disturbing the box.

Choosing the best cat litter box cover for your cat can depend on your kitty’s personality, your personal preferences, and the placement of your cat’s box in your home. Some pet parents prefer decorative cat litter box covers to help brighten a room, while others prefer the natural look of a wooden litter box cover. Still, others prefer the primary benefits of a cheap litter box cover, while others might opt for a litter box cover that doubles as a nightstand. With so many different litter box solutions available, you’re bound to find the right one to fit you and your cat’s needs.

Covered cat litter boxes can not only be more visually appealing for pet parents, but they can help with unpleasant smells as well. Covering your cat’s litter and waste can reduce the amount of odor dispersed in the air. Since most cats go indoors, finding a solution for lingering odors can be a challenge. Cleaning the box and changing the litter regularly are good ways to keep things smelling fresh. In addition, liners and filters for cats are a great option for odor reduction. At Petco, we carry many of the leading styles and brands of litter box solutions.

Visit any of your favorite neighborhood Petco Pet Care Centers for a great selection of cat litter box covers, or shop online and check out our cat deals. We have a wide variety of cat litter—whether you like clumping, non-clumping, lightweight, dust-free or natural. Our litter mats can help reduce tracking and spillage so the area will stay neat and tidy.