Cat litter. From odor control and easy cleaning to sustainable materials, find the cat litter that's right for you and your pet.

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Powerful odor control plus natural ingredients your cat will love.

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Cat Litter

Petco offers many cat litter options to choose from, including clumping cat litter for easy removal and dust-free options for sensitive felines (or other sensitive members of your household). Be sure to read reviews to find the right fit for your cat and home. Once you’ve selected a litter type, sign up for Repeat Delivery to ensure you always have fresh litter ready to go.

FAQs about Cat Litter

Cat litter works by absorbing urine and feces so that it’s easy to scoop up and remove. Some varieties of cat litter even work to absorb unpleasant scents.

Cat litter comes in all different materials. At Petco we also carry alternative cat litter varieties in paper, corn, wheat, walnut, wood and crystal.

Cats take the cleanliness of their litter box very seriously. You should remove all clumps from the litter box every day. And aim to clean out and refill the litter once a week, or maybe more if you live in a multi-cat home.