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Cat ID Tags

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Cat ID Tags

Even the best indoor kitties can accidentally find their way outside, and an ID tag is one way to get them home safely and quickly. The most common type of cat identification is an ID tag attached to their collar. Microchipping is an important way to make sure your cat is returned to you if they get lost, but an ID collar is the easiest way for someone to get in touch with you without having to go to a veterinarian to get their chip scanned.

FAQs about Cat ID Tags

Your cat’s name tag should include their name and a current phone number to reach you.

Absolutely! ID tags are a quick way for someone to identify that your cat has a loving pet parent, and gives them an easy way to reach you.

There are two common ways to attach an ID tag to your kitty’s collar: use an S ring and a pair of pliers, or connect it with a split ring.

Yes. Whether your cat has access to an outdoor enclosure or is an all-the-time indoor cat, we recommend microchipping your kitty and outfitting them with a collar and ID tag.