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Vetericyn Cat Wound & Skin Hydrogel

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Well & Good Cat Wound Spray
$6.49 save 35%
Perfect Pet Products Fecal Worm Test at Home

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PetConfirm Cat UTI Test Kit
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PetConfirm Dog Scoop Urine Collector
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PetConfirm Dog & Cat General Wellness Kit
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Ready America Grab 'n Go Cat and Two Person 3 Day Emergency Kit
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Ready America Grab 'n Go Cat Evacuation Kit
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Perfect Pet Products Feline Leukemia Test at Home

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cat first aid kits | feline leukemia tests, UTI tests & more | Petco

Be prepared for anything life may throw your kitty’s way with Petco’s selection of cat first aid and feline leukemia tests kits.

While we never want to think about our purring family members becoming ill, having a first aid kit for cats handy can help comfort them in their time of need. You’ll find that many cat first aid kits come with most everything, like bandages and antiseptic sprays, to take care of your furry family member’s minor cuts and bruises. Having a cat first aid kit bundled with other emergency supplies in your home allows you to grab and go if you ever need to quickly leave your home. Besides medical supplies, you’ll find these bundled cat first aid kits stocked with everyday necessities like food, water, litter and pan so no matter where you are, you and your pet have the basic essentials.

Besides cat first aid kits, you’ll also find Petco carries kits allowing you to help detect if your kitty has an underlying issue that could be affecting their overall health. When purring pal is urinating outside their litter box, a cat UTI test can help you determine if it is a medical condition or just bad behavior. If you are a pet parent in a multi-cat home, then ensuring your feline’s are healthy with leukemia test is as easy as collecting a small sample and mailing it. Further, many of these feline leukemia tests will send or call with results from a trained veterinarian.

Come to Petco for cat first aid kits, UTI and feline leukemia tests to help you keep your purring pets healthy.