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cat doors & flaps with and without microchips

Shop for cat doors at Petco and build a convenient gateway for your pets. Without the use of cat flaps, some pets will often scratch and meow until they’re let in. Unfortunately, cats are notoriously indecisive and can often change their mind once they’ve been let in or out of the house. Cat flaps can be an easy-to-install solution that can help reduce claw marks and noise, as your pet earns a little independence. In addition to letting your pet enter and leave at will, most models also offer a weather-proof seal, so you can keep the elements out. As an added bonus, instant access to your back yard can also improve your cat’s health as they gain more ground to run and play. Keep in mind that most cats will need a little training, as they learn to use cat doors. A little patience and some irresistible treats can make cat flap training a hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

Some cat doors can be easily popped into sliding door tracks, while others require some more construction. Depending on your home, you may opt to install them in multiple locations, to make the great outdoors accessible from multiple rooms. When it comes to deciding where to install your cat doors, there are many options to choose from. Some pet parents set up their cat flaps in glass windows or walls. On the other hand some may prefer to install their cat flap right into their existing doors. For increased security, there are microchip cat doors available. These can provide exclusive access for your pet, while excluding other unwelcomed visitors. A microchip cat door is able to detect your pet’s presence with the use of an included microchip pet tag. Simply add it to your pet’s collar and watch the microchip door swing open as your pet approaches it.