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Cat Diners

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Cat Diners

Cats are notoriously fussy creatures, and some necessary activities—such as cat grooming and bathing—might require a little coaxing and patience from pet parents. If you find that mealtimes with your cat aren’t as low-key as you’d like them to be, you may want to consider elevated cat bowls. These can help make eating more comfortable for your cat and make cleanup easier for you.

FAQs About Cat Diners

Raised cat food bowls allow your cat to eat in a more comfortable position. While felines have bodies that appear to contort effortlessly and are designed to stay low to the ground, it can still create physical discomfort when a cat is forced to eat in a position that crunches up their belly and strains their neck. Elevated cat bowls that lift a cat’s food slightly off the floor can often help relieve abdominal pressure during mealtimes and take some strain from your cat’s neck and joints. This can feel more comfortable for cats while they eat, and it can also help prevent vomiting later and promote better digestion.

It’s important to remember that elevated pet bowls shouldn’t be too high, or your cat will have difficulty eating comfortably. The ideal height for a raised cat bowl is lower than you might think—about 4- to 6-inches off the ground. The goal is not to put the cat bowl stand at a cat’s mouth height but at about their knee height. This allows cats to eat in a natural, slightly crouched position while still relieving stomach and neck pressure.

Many felines prefer an elevated cat feeding station. Elevated cat bowls don’t just make your kitty more comfortable—they can also help make cleanup easier for you. Raised cat bowls are harder for cats to play with or tip over, which means less spilled food and water. And if a mess does occur, it’s much easier for you to wipe or sweep under the cat feeding station without having to individually pick up and move the bowls.

The comfortable eating position provided by an elevated cat feeder might be better for many cats, but certain felines reap even more benefits from a raised cat bowl. Persians and other flat-faced breeds tend to have an easier time eating from elevated cat bowls, as they often have more difficulty eating and drinking than other cats do. Older cats with joint issues and lowered mobility may also be more comfortable with an elevated cat feeder, as they’ll be able to eat without crouching down as far. And cats aren’t the only pets that can be made more comfortable by eating their dinners off the ground—elevated dog bowls may help your dog’s digestion as well.