Dental cat treats and chews. Help your cat maintain good dental hygiene with treats to help reduce plaque and tartar.

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Dental Cat Treats & Chews

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Be proactive about your pet's dental health

Caring for their teeth and gums now can help prevent serious health problems later.

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Cat Dental Treats, Chews & Sticks: Cat Teeth Cleaning Treats

Head over to Petco for the selection of cat teeth-cleaning dental treats, chews and sticks that will help freshen your feline’s fangs. Much like our own oral hygiene, your terrific tabby’s teeth need, routine scrubbing to help them stay fresh and clean. For those times when you may not be able to give them as thorough a brushing as you normally would, some tasty cat dental treats can help provide a quick polish and help keep down decay.

Cat teeth cleaning treats, including dental chews and sticks, are a great way to freshen up your pretty kitty’s breath and help battle against bacteria build-up. Having to rely on your pet’s veterinarian to clear out plaque and tartar deposits from their teeth and gums can be an expensive and painful process – one you can help them avoid by serving up some cat chew sticks. Available in delicious flavors your pet will love, including chicken and salmon, cat dental treats are specially formulated to aid in the removal of harmful plaque and tartar, making them a great snack choice between cleanings. Not only are cat dental treats tasty, but they also feature ingredients that include essential vitamins and minerals for your pet’s health that can help restore the sheen to their dentine and keep their breath fresh.

Feed your kitty some nutritious and delicious cat dental treats from Petco today and keep their whites pearly and your feline purring.