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Cat Containment

Pet parents know that one of the most admirable things about their favorite felines is their fierce independence. Cats have a reputation for doing what they want, when they want, but are plenty of ways to create boundaries for your feline pet. A cat containment system that works with your cat—not against them—can help keep your kitty happy and your home free of stress.

FAQs About Cat Containment

Hard, soft, fabric, cardboard, plastic, large and small—the types of cat kennels seem endless. And the best cat carrier is often one that helps keep your pet secure, comfortable and as stress-free as possible. Learn about the types of cat carriers available for travel, which might be the best fit for your pet.

The length of time your cat stays in their cat carrier will largely depend on both your needs and theirs. If you’re taking a plane flight and your cat must remain in their cat cage, they should stay in there for the duration of the flight. If your kitty is in their cat carrier for car travel, you might want to let them stretch their legs, have a drink and use the litterbox every couple of hours. You’ll likely find that a large cat carrier that allows for enough space to turn around will help keep your pet more comfortable on longer journeys.

Hard and soft cat travel carriers offer different benefits. Soft carriers tend to be lighter and less bulky, while hard carriers may be sturdier or easier to clean. As long as your cat has ample room and comfortable bedding, they can often stay comfy while traveling in either style of cat carrier.

With proper maintenance, soft-sided cat carriers may be appropriate for your cat. Make sure you check your soft cat carrier bag regularly for scratches, holes or exposed wire framework to help keep it in good shape for your kitty. Keeping your cat crate in good condition is part of the preparations and safety precautions you’ll want to take when traveling with your cat.