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Calming Cat Supplements

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Cat Calming Supplements and Aids

Cats may occasionally get intimidated by something bigger and louder than them. They also might get upset over a change in routine or moving home. At Petco, our selection of calming supplements for cats may be the solution to help ease your kitty’s anxiety or stress.

FAQs About Natural Cat Calming Aids

It’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian when trying to diagnose your pet’s ailments. Here are a few signs that a trip to the vet might be needed.

  • Excessive grooming Cats by nature tend to be tidy, but if they’re constantly licking themselves to the point of sores and bald spots, this may be a sign your cat may benefit from anxiety relief.
  • Destructive or aggressive behavior Sometimes cats ruin or break things out of curiosity, not aggression. If you notice your cat is deliberately tearing things apart or hissing and yowling more, this may be a sign of distress.
  • Urinating or pooping outside of the litter box Accidents can happen, especially with older felines, but if your normally litter-box-trained cat is going to the bathroom in strange places, this could be their way of indicating something is wrong. If their box is clean and fresh, and you haven’t changed their brand of litter, this could be a red flag for other issues.
  • Repetitive behaviors Did you know felines can suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder? If your cat starts doing the same activities repeatedly, this may be an indicator that they’re in need of calming supplements for cats.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to consult a veterinarian. In addition to the treatment plan recommended by your vet, you may want to incorporate cat urinary treats into your kitty’s daily care in order to help stave off future infections.

Petco has some great solutions for cat anxiety relief. Our selection of calming cat chews, sprays and drops offer a variety of ways to help get your cat the relief they need.

We carry cat calming sprays that contain ingredients like catnip and honeysuckle that may act as a natural cat calming aid. Our cat diffusers release a synthetic pheromone that may be particularly beneficial in relaxing multiple cats, especially after moving. If your new home is far away, we carry cat travel anxiety medicine. We also have calming cat collars for more of an up-close and personal dispersal.

Shop online or visit any of our neighborhood Petco Pet Care Centers to find solutions for your stressed-out kitty.