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Calming Cat Sprays

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Cat Calming Sprays and Diffusers

At Petco, we have solutions that may help pet parents calm their cats. You can use a cat calming spray, cat diffuser, cat calming collars and calming supplements to help support and soothe your pet.

FAQs About Cat Calming Sprays

The pheromone released by most cat calming sprays has been shown to work on many cats to help curb some unwanted behaviors and relieve tension. Results will vary between cats based on their stress levels, the cause of anxiety, their age, personality, weight and other factors.

Use a feline calming spray on areas of your home or places where your cat spends time. You can spritz it in places where animals have performed urine marking or areas where your cat scratches a lot. You might also spray it on their crate or bedding to help them feel more comfortable. Do not spray cat calming spray directly on your cat. Follow the instructions that come with the solution you choose. For stressful situations like moving house, check out our guide on Moving with Cats.