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Reptile Carpet & Liners

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Reptile Carpet and Liners

Reptile carpet and liners can be a great option over loose substrate for many species. Find a variety of carpets and liners at Petco—including textured to aid in traction and replicate a natural environment and soft and non-abrasive liners. These liners come in sizes to fit many standard terrariums, but can also be cut to fit for unique sizes. Carpet mats can help make cleaning a breeze—with less chance of mess—since they can easily be removed and cleaned, versus scooping out loose substrate. And they can also be cost effective as rotating two mats will last a lot longer than having to buy new loose substrate every time it needs to be changed.

FAQs About Reptile Carpet and Liners

Many species can be kept on a carpet liner as some are soft and non-abrasive while others may be textured. They are easy to disinfect as needed to make cleaning your reptile's habitat easier on you.

Liners can be spot cleaned or rinsed for daily cleaning, and can be cleaned with a non-toxic, pet habitat cleaner for weekly disinfection. Always be sure to place your reptile in a secure place while cleaning your habitat, and let all accessories dry and fumes to dissipate before placing your pet back in its home.