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Dog Car Seats & Boosters

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Dog Car Seats and Boosters

Before you hit the road with your furry friend, make sure you have a plan to keep them secure in your vehicle. Dog car seats and booster seats give pet parents peace of mind while driving, and can provide a better car experience for many dogs. If your pup gets excited for car rides, the right seat can make sure they stay in one spot rather than causing distractions. For small dogs, car booster seats lift them up to be able to see out the windows for a better view.

FAQs about Dog Car Seats and Boosters

Car seats can be a good option for some dogs and pet parents when traveling. Whatever your solution is, you should have a plan to make your pup’s ride more comfortable.

All dog car seats have different ways of working. Check the instructions that come with the dog car seat you buy for assistance.

The best dog car seat depends on the size of your dog, and their travel needs. Luckily at Petco we have a wide variety of dog car seats to choose from.