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Bird Cage Covers

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Bird Cage Cover

A bird cage cover of the appropriate size can be beneficial to both the pet and pet parent. Specially made covers for bird habitats help ensure the right fit as well as material that is dark enough to provide privacy for your bird, but still be breathable. Covering the habitat can help communicate to your bird when it is time to go to bed, protect your bird from drafts and help provide privacy to your bird in stressful situations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bird Cage Covers

A habitat cover helps provide privacy to your bird and can help reduce stress. It can be used to calm and quiet a bird displaying disruptive behaviors such as screaming. Using a habitat cover nightly can help establish a routine for your bird by letting them know it is bedtime, and also protects against drafts of cold air at night.

Covering your bird’s cage at night is a great way to establish a bedtime routine, and show your bird when it is time for bed as well as protect from cool nighttime air. A cover can also be beneficial when a bird is showing that it is stressed and needs some privacy.

Let your bird know that you will be covering its habitat with a cue such as “night-night,” and slowly pull the cover over the habitat to avoid scaring your bird. It is considered best practice to set the folded up cover near or on top of your bird's habitat for a couple days before actually using it to cover the entire habitat. This can help the bird(s) acclimate to the cover and understand that it will not hurt them.