Pet’s Special Day

Make your pet’s birthday extra special with treats, toys and more that they’ll love.

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The Petco Birthday Shop - Happy Birthday to Your Pooch!

It’s your dog’s birthday! Whether you know the exact day they were born, or you celebrate their adoption day, it’s certainly a day to treat your pup. The way you choose to celebrate might depend on your dog’s personality. Opt for a personalized birthday hat or outfit if they’d love some extra attention on their daily walk. If they are food-motivated, why not dish up a birthday cake? We have birthday treats made especially for your pup’s taste buds! For an adventurous dog, take them out on their leash somewhere new and let them sniff all they want. Or stay home and treat your pup to gifts, like a new birthday-themed plush toy. Call up a few of their pooch pals and plan a playdate at the dog park, and even invite their parents to celebrate with you. If you’re not a pet parent, you can always send a birthday box to another dog you know and love. No matter how you choose to celebrate their birthday, Petco has everything you need.

FAQs about The Petco Dog Birthday Shop

That’s up to your pet’s personality. Think about what they love the most—time outdoors, extra treats, new toys—and make sure they get lots of it.

We have dog birthday cakes, ice cream and treats at Petco. We even have birthday cake plush toys!

You can give your dog anything that shows some extra love. That might be a doggie cake, new chew toy, or extra cuddles.

That depends. Some pets like them and some don’t. If you think your pup will love all the attention, we have a wide variety of birthday hats, crowns, bandanas and outfits for their special day.

While your dog may not know their birthday, they can certainly feel the extra love. So go ahead and treat them on their special day.