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Bird Treats

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Bird Treats

Bird treats provide extra nutrition to your bird’s balanced diet and are a great tool when training and bonding with your bird. Bird treats come in many forms such as sticks, berries and toppers. These treats are composed of a variety of nutritional ingredients with many popular ones being seed, fruit and mineral based. Variation in diet is not only essential for your bird's overall health, but will keep your bird happy and mentally stimulated. Some treats may also be formulated to help your bird groom their beak or encourage natural behaviors such as foraging. As part of a balanced diet, treats should not exceed 10% of your bird's daily diet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bird Treats

Bird treats should be species appropriate in size and ingredients for your pet. Some treats may include fruits, seeds, greens, mineral cakes or other tasty ingredients. Taste preference will vary from bird to bird. An assortment of species-appropriate treats will always be your best option to discover what your bird likes best.

Treats can be given daily in small amounts, but should not exceed 10% of their total diet. It is useful to save treating your bird for when you are socializing or training your bird so that they associate that yummy goodness with you.

Just like us, your bird will appreciate variety in their diet. Some treats are designed to help encourage your bird's natural need to forage while others may help keep their beak trimmed or promote bonding and training your feathered friend.