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bird cage cleaner, HEPA air filters and bird poop cleaning solutions for clean and sanitary cages

As a variety of bird species have been welcomed into many households as pets, it’s no secret that our fine feathered friends make for excellent and entertaining pet companions. This is why there is an assortment of bird supplies available, from bird cages and bird cage cleaner to bird seed and other cage accessories, to help you provide your pet bird with the best care. As with most pets, it’s vital to your pet bird’s health and well-being that his cage is cleaned regularly, that bird poop and uneaten food are removed consistently, and that his drinking and bathing water are changed out frequently. While there are bird cage cleaner sprays and wipes available that have been designed to aid in the cleaning and maintenance of your bird cage, there are also air purifiers equipped with HEPA air filters, also referred to as air filters for "high efficiency particulate air." Specially designed to conveniently capture tiny particles from the surrounding air, HEPA air filters result in cleaner air and better air quality by filtering out large amounts of tiny particles and reducing the amount of allergens within the air. Promote the health and longevity of your pet bird by maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for you and your birds today.

Developed for safe and effective cage cleaning, Poop-Off Bird Poop & Stain Remover is a spray that instantly dissolves bird waste and removes stains from a variety of surfaces, including bird cages, flooring, perches and even painted surfaces. Used and trusted by many bird enthusiasts, veterinarians and zoos, this remarkable bird cage cleaner spray is non-toxic and biodegradable. Meanwhile, for a quick and convenient way to keep your bird cages clean and sanitary, there are Poop-Off Bird Poop Wipes, which is safe to use around various species of birds and cleans bird waste and other debris just as effectively as the cleaning spray.

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