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Betta Fish Sand & Substrates

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Betta Substrate

Choosing a substrate for your betta's aquarium isn't just beneficial for your pet, but a fun way to customize their habitat and make it unique! Both gravel and freshwater sand help promote the growth of healthy bacteria and help hold plants in place. They come in a variety of colors from bright neon to natural shades that mimic river stones and can be mixed and matched for endless possibilities. For further customization and colors, Gravel Accent Mixes can add a beautiful extra "pop" with realistic looking stones or bright colored crystals.

FAQs About Betta Substrate

Gravel or freshwater sand can be used for your betta tank; both have the benefit of aiding in propagation of beneficial bacteria.

For optimum results, use 1 - 2 lbs of substrate for every one gallon of water.

Substrate should be cleaned and aerated with the use of a siphon during water changes. Some substrates may need to be rinsed before using in an aquarium.