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Betta Fish Tanks

Betta fish are beautiful, relatively low-maintenance fish. However, many people don’t know that they require a fish tank just like the other fish you may have in your home. At Petco, we have a vast selection of aquariums and fish tanks your betta pet will love. Keep the tank in a place without direct sunlight and near a power source for the tank’s filter. You can decorate their tank with gravel, figurines, and other accessories.

It’s important to keep in mind, pet parents who want to buy multiple betta fish are strongly urged to keep them in separate tanks. While female betta fish can cohabitate with few issues, male betta fish should not be placed in a tank with other fish. Male betta fish have a natural tendency to fight with other fish, so they should be kept separated. Find the tools you need at Petco to keep your pet betta fish happy and healthy, including betta fish food, medicine, and water conditioners.

FAQs About Betta Fish Tanks

You’ll want to replace roughly 25% of the water once a month. This will help maintain proper pH levels and remove ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Use a gravel vacuum to siphon water and debris. Then, use a tank scrub brush to remove algae build up.

You should plan to replace 25% of the water in your aquarium once a month. During this time you can do other routine cleaning, like removing algae buildup.

The minimum aquarium size for a betta fish is ¼ gallon or larger.

Male betta fish can be aggressive to other betta fish, so we don’t recommend more than one male betta fish in a tank. Female betta fish can coexist with other females.

You should wait 24 hours after setting up your tank and getting the water conditions just right.

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