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Bearded Dragon Tanks, Cages, Terrariums and Enclosures

Whether you’re a new pet parent to a bearded dragon or simply looking to upgrade their habitat, Petco has all the terrariums and tanks you need. To start, consider the size of the enclosure you want to purchase. Baby bearded dragons can live in smaller tanks, such as a 20 gallon habitat, but make sure you upgrade the size of their environment as they grow, as bearded dragons reach full maturity within their first year (their average adult size is 24 inches long).

With a proper diet, care and attention, pet bearded dragons can live 3-10 years. You will need a few key items to help make these habitats a home. First, a layer of substrate is key for the bottom of their tank. Bearded dragons are known to interact with their pet parents more than some other reptiles, but they still prefer hiding away for most of the day. For this reason, make sure you include plenty of hiding spots for your pet. Also ensure their tank offers optimal temperatures, a 100°F end under a heat source for basking, and a 70°F end for cooling off. Your UVB lights will need to be on for 10-12 hours per day in their enclosure. Finally, the tank should be humid enough to allow them to perform common shedding behaviors.

FAQs about Bearded Dragon Habitats

At least once a week you should place your pet in a separate, secure enclosure so you can clean their tank. The entire tank should be emptied, scrubbed, rinsed and refreshed with new substrate.

The size of your bearded dragon’s tank depends on the size of your pet. Bearded dragons can grow up to 24 inches, and you’ll want them to have plenty of room to move around their enclosure.

To properly set up a bearded dragon tank, you will need substrate, hideaway spots, heating and lighting, and more. Review our bearded dragon care sheet for everything you need to know.

Yes, and we have plenty of spacious glass terrariums for bearded dragons for sale here at Petco. Keep in mind that male bearded dragons should live alone in their enclosure, and no bearded dragon should ever live amongst other reptiles.

At Petco we have a wide variety of habitat accessories for your bearded dragon’s terrarium. Read our bearded dragon care sheet for details.

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