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Bearded Dragon Leashes & Harnesses

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Bearded Dragon Leashes and Harnesses

Want to take your bearded dragon out into the world while keeping them secure? A bearded dragon harness can help make it happen. A bearded dragon leash can be ideal if you want to spend time with your “beardie” outside their terrarium or even if you want to train them to walk outdoors.

FAQs About Bearded Dragon Leashes and Harnesses

The right type of reptile leash can be great to use for bearded dragons. Just make sure the leash connects to a harness rather than a collar. Collars can put a strain on a beardie’s neck, and they are much easier for a lizard to slip out from. The harness should not be so tight that it presses into your pet but not so loose that your bearded dragon can wriggle free.

Bearded dragons with the right personality and training can absolutely learn to walk on a leash. It may take a lot of training and patience on the part of a pet parent, but it can be done. In fact, due to their usually calm nature, bearded dragons are some of the easiest lizards to leash train.

First, make sure your beardie is comfortable being held. Next, slowly get them used to wearing the bearded dragon harness. Start with short periods of wearing the harness and slowly increase the time period. When they seem comfortable in the harness, take your bearded dragon to a quiet area outside. Give them time to get used to the new environment. You may need to start with short periods outside until your beardie feels comfortable. Stay away from noisy or busy areas. Finally, try walking slowly using the leash. Let your beardie set the pace, and don’t pull them. If they go the wrong way, block their way and divert them in the right direction.

Always take cues from your pet. If they seem scared or stressed, stop the training for the day. Reward them with treats, like live crickets and roaches, during each session. Some more anxious beardies will never feel comfortable walking. Only continue the training if your pet seems relaxed and interested in the experience.

Absolutely. Certain companies make lizard harnesses that can fit bearded dragons. If your beardie is extra-large, you may even be able to use a ferret harness. Many pet stores carry bearded dragon leashes. Double-check the label on the harness to confirm that it is appropriate for bearded dragons. You’ll also want to place it on your beardie when you get home. Make sure the harness isn’t too tight or too loose. It will likely take some time for your pet to become comfortable with the reptile leash, so don’t try to walk them right away.