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Aquariums 11 to 19 Gallons

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11 to 19 Gallon Fish Tank

At Petco, we have a wide selection of 11 to 19 gallon fish tanks. Our range of 15 gallon aquariums offers plenty of stocking options without eating up too much space or budget. They’re roomy enough to accommodate a small variety of colorful, compatible freshwater fish, like dwarf cichlids or tetras. For small spaces, you can choose between a classic 15 gallon aquarium or a compact 15 gallon cube aquarium for your tabletop or desk.

FAQs About 11 to 19 Gallon Fish Tank

Reserve at least a gallon of tank space for each inch of fully grown fish you’d like to stock. Consult a Pet Care Center associate to confirm the appropriate number and type of fish for your aquarium.

Standard 15 gallon tanks generally measure around 24” L x 12” H x 13” W, but dimensions can vary a lot, depending on model and style. Always check the dimensions specified by the manufacturer on the product page to confirm that the aquarium will fit in the space you’ve planned.

A filled 15 gallon tank weighs more than 100 pounds. Depending on how much gravel and décor you add, your aquarium could easily weigh 150 pounds. Always check to make sure your floor will support the weight before you invest in a new tank and be sure to secure it on a stand built specifically for that purpose.

A 15 gallon tank is perfect for most small freshwater species, including mollies, tetra and cichlids. If you’re not sure whether a species will thrive in your aquarium, ask a Pet Care Center aquatic specialist for confirmation.