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Aquarium Rocks & Coral

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Aquarium Rocks: Fish Tank Rocks and Coral

Most fish prefer habitats filled with places to hide and areas to explore. Marine fish especially tend to flourish in tanks that mimic their ocean home. Enriching décor can help reduce stress among tank inhabitants. With the right aquarium rocks and decorative elements, you can create an underwater environment that stimulates your fish, while providing a safe haven where they can thrive.

FAQs About Aquarium Rocks and Coral

Yes! Fish need an enriching, stimulating habitat with plenty of places to hide and explore. Rocks provide fish with natural cover and can even help reduce stress among fish by mimicking their natural environment.

Always confirm that the rocks you choose are the right type for your tank and the species you stock before you begin. To ensure your rocks are free of anything harmful to your fish, first scrub larger rocks free of surface residue. Then place rocks or gravel in a clean bucket and rinse until the water stays clear before adding them to your tank.

Remove larger rocks from the tank and scrub in lukewarm water to remove algae or buildup. No chemical cleaners are needed (they can be dangerous to your fish). Smaller rocks used as substrate can be cleaned with a gravel vacuum without removing them from the tank.