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Sea Anemones for Sale

Anemones can be a beautiful addition to a well-established reef tank, but should not be added without great preparation. These marine invertebrates are highly sensitive to poor water quality and changes in water parameters making them recommended for experienced aquarists only. In addition to pristine water quality, anemones do require full-spectrum lighting and stable live rock for them to attach to.

FAQs About Sea Anemones

Anemones are recommended for experienced aquarists only, due to their specific needs and sensitivities. An appropriate sized aquarium with full spectrum lighting and proper filtration are essential. Live rock and stable water quality and parameters are all necessary for your anemone to thrive.

After determining what is causing the illness, medications and remedies are available that can assist with improving your bettas health.

Some anemones are compatible with specific species of clownfish and may display a symbiotic relationship. Other smaller species of fish, urchins, crabs or roaming invertebrates may become a meal for some species of anemone.