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Parrot Toys

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Parrot Toys

Even though your Amazon parrot should be spending extensive time outside of its habitat socializing with you, toys are essential to alleviate boredom and encourage natural behaviors while in their habitat. Toys can encourage foraging behavior, occupy your parrot's mind with problem solving toys, or even aid in teaching your bird to mimic sounds!

FAQs About Parrot Toys

Toys should be specifically designed for large hookbills to prevent premature destruction and accidental ingestion. Toys may encourage natural behaviors such as foraging, problem solving and mental stimulation, or provide an appropriate outlet for chewing.

Your parrot should be provided with an assortment of toys which are rotated regularly to reduce boredom when in their habitat, but not so many as to overcrowd their home. Toys should be discarded any time extensive wear and tear appears to prevent injury.

Although your parrot should spend extensive time daily outside of its habitat socializing with you, toys will provide some entertainment for them during their time in their home. Toys can help prevent boredom and discourage destructive behaviors by providing a proper outlet for natural behavior.