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Parrot Perches & Stands

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Parrot Perches

A healthy Amazon won't be happy sitting on the floor of their habitat, and providing them with an assortment of perches is vital for their mental and physical health. Perches that vary in texture and diameter will help encourage good foot health and some made of sandstone or concrete can even help naturally keep your bird's nails trimmed. Free-standing perches and play stands are also a great way for your bird to feel comfortable while socializing outside of their habitat.

FAQs About Parrot Perches

Perches should be 3/4 to 1" in diameter.

Multiple perches in a variety of diameters and textures will help prevent arthritis and encourage muscle maintenance in the feet.

Some perches may be specially made with a texture such as sand or concrete that will help your bird naturally file down their nails as they use it.