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Parrot Feeders & Waterers

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Parrot Feeders & Waterers

Having an appropriate feeder and waterer for your parrot will not only help make your life easier with reducing messes, but also help ensure your bird's food and water stay clean longer. It is also important to have a dish made of the appropriate material for your parrot to reduce the chances of it getting damaged and your bird ingesting foreign materials.

FAQs About Parrot Feeders & Waterers

There are several different types of waterers you can choose from such as bowls, gravity waterers or covered crocks, but all should be well secured to prevent spillage.

There are several types of feeders to choose from such as bowls, foraging systems, and covered crocks, but all should be secured to prevent spillage.

Your parrot should be provided fresh food and water at all times. Treats should not exceed 10% of their diet.