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Parrot Cages

Although your Amazon should spend significant time daily out of its habitat socializing with you, a cozy and comfortable habitat that meets all of your bird's needs is essential for a happy bird. A habitat for an Amazon should be a minimum of 36 W x 24 D x 48 H inches. It is best to provide the largest habitat possible to help ensure that your bird has ample room to stretch and exercise. Bars should be strong metal and spaced no more than a ¾ inch apart and any doors should be secure as parrots have powerful beaks and are known escape artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is always best to invest in the largest habitat possible, however the absolute minimum size for an Amazon habitat should be 36 H x 24 D x 48 W inches with strong metal bars spaced no greater than a ¾ inch apart.

Because Amazons are powerful escape artists, using an appropriate carrier that is secure and also provides proper ventilation for your bird is essential if you need to transport your parrot to the vet or another location.

Although your bird should spend significant time outside of its habitat socializing with you, it does need certain accessories to make it feel cozy in its own home. Various perches of multiple textures and diameters should be placed in the habitat to encourage good foot health. An assortment of toys appropriate for large hookbills should be placed in the habitat and rotated regularly to help occupy your bird when it is not out socializing. Feeders and waterers should be secured to the cage to prevent spillage.