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Parrot Bedding & Litter

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Amazon Bedding

Bird litter or a cage liner is incredibly beneficial to keeping your Amazon's habitat clean. Not only will they help absorb any spills and droppings to keep your bird's surroundings clean, but they also help make your job in cleaning up much easier. Litter may be scented or unscented, and can be made of many different types of non-toxic, bird safe products—including paper, walnut and pine. Only use products designed specifically for birds to reduce the risk of exposure to toxins or choking hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any product you use as Amazon bedding or litter should be non-toxic and developed for use specifically in bird habitats to help prevent accidental ingestion of any toxins. A paper based bedding, habitat liner or natural wood pellet bedding may be preferred, but all should be covered with a metal grate to keep the bird from walking directly on the bedding.

Pine litter is low dust for less mess, and the natural pine scent is an excellent odor absorber to keep your bird's habitat smelling fresh.

A cage liner may be preferred for some pet parents as it can easily be cut to the size of the habitat tray and changed out with less mess than loose bedding. This may also be useful for birds that manage to get loose bedding through the grates and attempt to ingest too much of it.