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Dogs naturally tend to chew on things, and your dog is no different—especially when teething. If they aren’t provided with anything to chew on, they will most likely gnaw on things around the house, like a couch, your shoes, articles of clothing, kids’ toys and just about anything else with an enticing scent and texture. While numerous pet parents choose to give their canine a bone or antler to bite down on, it’s become more popular to use no-hide dog chews—and at Petco, we carry a diverse selection of rawhide-free bones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional rawhide chews and treats can cause major choking and obstruction problems for your canine if they aren’t chewed properly. Considering many dogs can be energetic eaters, rawhides can be dangerous if your dog eats quickly. These no-rawhide dog chews are designed to avoid the common problems that pet parents experience with traditional animal hide treats.

At Petco, we carry a wide variety of tasty rawhide-free dog treats, bones and chews. Peanut butter is universally beloved by dogs worldwide, so give yours one of our peanut butter-flavored dog chews. If your pet doesn’t take to that flavor for some reason, you can try out something that’s chicken or bison-flavored treats and chews. We even have chews made from turkey tendon or wolffish skin. Check out our Dog Treat Guide or Dog Biscuit and Treat Chart to discover different dog treats and chews for different uses and how they can enrich your pup’s life.

If you’ve got more in-depth questions about rawhide-free chews for dogs, we suggest you consult your veterinarian about the ideal option for your pet.

When it comes to finding some of the best rawhide alternative bones for your pup, it can greatly depend on your dog’s preferences and nutritional needs. At Petco, we have several options with different flavors that your dog can sample under your supervision.

Take note of your pup’s chewing style and size. If they are a power chewer, some tougher no-hide dog chews won’t likely be suitable for them. Thicker bones may be too tough on dogs with sensitive teeth—but if your dog has powerful jaws and good dental health, more rigid bones can help scrape off plaque and maintain great teeth. Keep in mind that rawhide-free bones should be appropriate for your dog’s size—large dogs run the risk of choking on small treats, and small dogs can damage their jaws trying to bite large bones.