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Air Pumps & Airstones

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Air Pumps & Airstones for Fish Tanks

Air pumps and airstones create a steady stream of small bubbles and water circulation within your freshwater and saltwater tanks. These bubbles provide oxygen to your tank if there isn’t enough water movement otherwise. And when they’re used in tandem with an aquarium filter, they can help water move through the filter properly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Pumps & Airstones

That depends on the type of filter you have, and whether there’s enough water circulation in your tank without one.

An air pump is a machine that helps with water circulation and oxygenation in your fish tank.

That depends on the size of your tank. Keep in mind you’ll also want to consider the type of filter you have in your tank, and intended purpose of your air pump.

That depends on the quality of the airstone you purchase. Be sure to read individual product descriptions, as airstones can last from a few weeks to a few months.