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Learn More About Nutritious Dog Food with Grains

The best dog food for your canine friend depends on their breed, size, age and health status. No one diet works for every single pet. A few good general rules to follow is to choose a food that has high-quality protein sources like chicken, one from a reputable company and one that fits with your dog’s age and well-being. You might also prefer formulas that include whole grains that are unprocessed.

You can learn more with our Guide to Finding the Right Dog Food for Your Pet. And consult your veterinarian about which top rated dog food will work well for your pup.

Grains can be an excellent source of nutrients for your dog. Along with providing your pup with the proper amounts of protein and essential fatty acids, they can also provide carbohydrates and supply fiber in order to support good digestion.

Some of the more common grains that you might find in dog food grain recipes include:

  • Wheat or whole wheat
  • Corn
  • Barley
  • Rice or brown rice
  • Oats or whole oats
  • Rye
  • Soy

There are many high-quality brands of minimally processed, whole grain dog food you can give your pup. Petco’s best-selling grain dog foods list above contain some of the top brands with whole grain formulas. Find the one that suits your dog best and pick up a bag at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or online. You can choose Repeat Delivery when applicable to save.

Grains are complex carbohydrates made up of starch and fiber. When your dog eats and digests grains, the starches are broken down into sugars like glucose to use as fuel for their body’s energy. Some grains contain gluten while others are gluten-free, and whole grains can help provide essential vitamins and minerals.

Dietary grains for dogs can also be a good source of fiber which may help regulate their digestive system, feed good gut bacteria and eliminate toxins from their body. Soluble fiber can also help stabilize blood glucose levels, enhance nutrient absorption and control cholesterol. Examples of soluble fiber in your pet’s diet might be rice bran, oats, barley, dried peas, beans, flaxseed or beet pulp. Grains can also sometimes help reduce your dog’s calorie consumption due to the satiating fiber when putting your pet on a diet to lose weight.

In addition to the carbohydrate-based energy your dog can get from grains, choosing grain dog food can sometimes also benefit pet parents with an economical energy source when you run out of kibble or forget to bring dog food for your pup on the camping trip.

If your dog has certain medical conditions—like liver or kidney disease which need a low-protein diet or pancreatitis and intestinal bowl disease requiring a low-fat diet—dog food with healthy grains can be an excellent choice.

*Based on sales data.