Best* Dog Chew Toys

Chewing—it’s one of the most natural things in the world for dogs. But when it’s directed at your shoes or furniture, it can quickly become a nuisance. And if you have a power chewer that goes through toys like they’re tissue paper, you’re even more in need of the best chew toys for dogs. So how do you find the best dog toy for your chewing fanatic? Read on.


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Learn More About Dog Chew Toys

Large dogs and powerful breeds need chew toys that are especially tough. The top-rated dog toys on our list above could do the trick, but we always recommend reviewing product packaging to determine whether a toy is appropriately sized for your pooch. The packaging will often list the size of the toy and the weight that it’s recommended for, and manufacturers sometimes rate their products as well, to let you know whether it’s designed for power chewers.

Hard rubber toys and nylon bones are the best chew toys for dogs that really need the tough stuff. These materials are usually durable and long-lasting and can be infused with scents and flavors to help keep your dog engaged. Remember to always supervise your pup—especially if they’re a heavy chewer—and remove toys and bones if they begin to break down.

Teething rings, treat dispensing toys, flavored bones and rubber or nylon toys are all excellent options for puppies. Use toys to introduce your puppy to new shapes and textures and to play different games that keep their brain stimulated. And be sure to provide plenty of options if your puppy is teething to help cut down on inappropriate nipping.

*Based on customer reviews.