Top Rated Dog & Cat Travel

Gear up for your next excursion with cat and dog travel accessories. Whether you're trekking by car or plane, you'll find top-rated pet carriers, harnesses, and car essentials for safe and easy travel.


80% of pets traveling the world are dogs and cats. Explore our top pet travel accessories for your next adventure!

Pet-friendly travel is changing the way pet parents interact with their furry pals and we love it! Instead of leaving them behind, you get to take them wherever you go. To make sure your pet has everything they need, we're sharing the top-rated cat and dog travel essentials pet parents are buzzing about. You'll find a variety of pet travel accessories available at Petco whether you’re running an errand or gearing up for an outdoor excursion.

For everyday outings, booster seats and crash-tested harnesses keep your four-legged pal safe and secure so you can focus on the road. Most harnesses double as durable walking accessories, letting you plan extended trips. Pet car hammocks are another favorite for families constantly on the go. This stain-resistant accessory comes in handy after long days at the beach or trekking in the woods.

When making your way by air, pet travel carriers, designed for ease of use and maximum comfort, let you keep your preferred travel companion by your side. Adjustable shoulder straps, carry handles, and the ability to attach the carrier to wheeled luggage make carrying your pet convenient. Ready to start planning your next adventure? Discover more cat and dog travel accessories at Petco to keep your furry pal rolling in style!