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Warm weather is here, and we have the summer pet products you need to ensure they stay cool and comfortable. Shop online or visit your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center to find the latest apparel, harnesses and travel dishes for you and your pet’s summer adventures together.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your dog’s internal temperature climbs to 104°, they are at risk for heatstroke. It’s important to be in tune with your pet and always have your cooling summer season pet products on hand to help prevent this. Be careful to monitor them when the weather gets to be in the high 70s and up.

Always test the pavement with your hand before taking them for walks—their paw pads can be easily scorched, so if it’s hot to the touch, exercise in the backyard on grass may be a better idea.

Be extra cautious if your pet is older, overweight, brachycephalic or has health problems. All of these can be exacerbated in the heat. Humidity is also tricky—never leave a dog outside for long periods in high humidity. Access to water and shade are summer must-haves for dogs.

You should never leave your pet in your car on warm days, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if the window is cracked or you’ll only be away for a minute. Temperatures can easily reach over 20° higher than the weather outside in the car, so it’s not worth the risk. It’s always better to leave them home.

Check out our guides — 6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool and Hydrated in Summer, How to Keep Cats Cool in the Summer and How to Take Care of Small Pets in the Summer for more ways to help ensure your pets stay comfortable this summer.

Summer can be full of pool parties, barbecues and fun trips, but you should both take similar precautions to keep yourselves cool. Protection from the sun—as well as intermittent rest and hydration—can go a long way in helping you both enjoy the weather without it affecting your health.

Remember—if you feel uncomfortable or hot, they probably are too. That’s why some must-have summer pet products for your chosen activities include cooling clothing, shady travel crates and houses, pet-formulated sunscreen, water bottles and bowls.