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Friendly, devoted Shih Tzus are loving, adaptable and make excellent companions for households of all kinds. Shih Tzus can thrive in a city apartment or a country house, with or without children and other pets. They’re wonderful dogs for first-time pet parents and equally beloved by seasoned dog lovers. Such exceptional dogs deserve attentive care, and Petco’s Shih Tzu products can help you give them the quality of life they deserve.

Shih Tzus need many of the same supplies as other dogs, but Shih Tzu pet supplies should be tailored to the size and needs of a small dog. Some of the Shih Tzu accessories you might consider buying include items such as small breed dog food, vitamins, grooming, dog beds, feeding supplies, toys and more.

Shih Tzus are good-natured dogs who are easy to get along with. Between their size and their pleasant personality, they’re easy to love and easy to care for. Having the right Shih Tzu products to keep your canine companion in good condition is the best way you can thank your dog for all their love and devotion.

Pest prevention

If you love your Shih Tzu’s thick, soft fur, imagine how much a flea would love hiding inside it—and how difficult it would be to give all that hair a thorough flea bath. For the sake of your dog’s health—and your own wellbeing—it’s important to keep your long-haired dog protected from parasitic bugs with a preventive flea & tick treatment. Your dog will have protection from irritating bites and flea- and tick-borne diseases, and you’ll save yourself from hunting through your dog’s hair to look for bugs. If you have questions about the best pest prevention for your pet or dealing with a pest infestation consult your veterinarian.

Food, vitamins and supplements

Nutritious food and a custom vitamin and supplement regimen can help your Shih Tzu enjoy a high quality of life. Small breed dog food with the correct kibble size and an optimal balance of carbohydrates and protein will give your Shih Tzu the energy they need to fuel hours of cuddles and playtime. A joint-support supplement can help address some health issues common to many dogs, such as hip dysplasia. And while you may not think of dietary supplements as the best grooming products for a Shih Tzu, an omega-rich supplement can help keep your dog’s coat in beautiful condition.


For a dog so small, Shih Tzus sure have a lot of fur! A Shih Tzu’s luxuriant coat is a treat to pet, but it requires regular maintenance. That’s why Shih Tzu grooming products are among the most important Shih Tzu dog supplies you’ll buy. Brush your Shih Tzu’s coat every 2–3 days to avoid matting and tangling their fur and bathe them about once every 2 weeks. Your grooming routine might include Shih Tzu hair products, Shih Tzu shampoo and periodic use of Petco’s grooming services.

While some dog breeds can be brushed infrequently, the Shih Tzu’s impressive coat needs to be tended regularly; Shih Tzus should not go more than a few days without being groomed. And Shih Tzu grooming supplies aren’t just a cosmetic consideration: Matted fur can become uncomfortable and irritating to your Shih Tzu’s skin. It may lead to the formation of sores, especially if environmental irritants are carried in from the outdoors by your Shih Tzu’s fur. Frequent grooming can also reduce the amount of fur that makes its way to your furniture, floors and clothing.

A daily dental routine is critical for every dog. Like many dogs with short snouts and small mouths, Shih Tzus have the potential for oral and dental issues. A good oral care kit is one of the most important Shih Tzu products you’ll purchase, and you should be diligent about brushing your Shih Tzu’s teeth at least a couple times per week. No matter how well you care for your Shih Tzu’s mouth, you should also schedule a veterinary dental cleaning visit at least once a year.

Dog Beds

Shih Tzus are known as indoor-oriented dogs who are happy to spend hours alongside their pet parents. Though they love playtime and can be quite energetic, they’re also good at lounging patiently inside the home while their pet parents work or rest nearby. A supportive dog bed will help your Shih Tzu stay comfortable and content until it’s time to go out for a walk.

Food and water supplies

Brachycephalic dogs like Shih Tzus—dogs with flat faces and short snouts—sometimes have a harder time eating and drinking out of typical dog bowls, and they can be messy eaters. There are several ways to help make mealtimes easier with Shih Tzu products geared toward mealtimes. A skid-resistant dog bowl that’s hard to tip over can reduce mess, and a silicone placemat protects the floor from any spills that may occur. You might even consider a dishwasher-safe food and water dish set that’s designed for easy cleanup. Another good way for your brachycephalic dog to stay hydrated is a pet fountain that lets them drink from a free-flowing stream of filtered water.


They’re not just fun Shih Tzu accessories—toys are important for your Shih Tzu’s overall wellbeing. Choose toys that are designed for small dogs and that provide different types of enrichment and entertainment. Chew toys help stave off boredom, teach your dog proper chewing habits and help clean their teeth and gums. Toys designed for human-and-dog play sessions, such as tug toys and balls for fetching, allow your Shih Tzu to expend energy and give you a chance to bond with your dog. And interactive toys keep your Shih Tzu mentally stimulated, providing a treat to reward your dog for problem-solving.


Neglecting training is not a good idea for Shih Tzus. While these dogs are absolutely trainable, they’re not always as eager to please and easy to train as some other breeds, like Labradors. As a result, they should be trained intentionally and consistently until they’ve learned to respond to desired cues. If you feel overwhelmed, Petco has dog training resources and certified trainers to help you decide the best methods for teaching your Shih Tzu.

Clothing and protection

Shih Tzus and their pet parents tend to agree it’s best if their famously long fur doesn’t get saturated with rain and muck. All that hair can take a long time to dry out, and it can track not just water but mud, wet leaves and other rainy-day surprises into the house. Though Shih Tzu grooming products can help clean your dog up after a rainy walk, you might want to proactively protect your dog—and therefore your home. Luckily, Shih Tzu accessories include rain gear to protect your long-haired dog’s fur. A classic yellow raincoat can shield that lovely coat from becoming saturated with water, while rubber dog boots save you from cleaning mud from between your Shih Tzu’s toes.

Collars,harnesses and leashes

The Shih Tzu is considered a small breed dog. Adults typically weigh well under 20 pounds and stand 8–11 inches tall, so Shih Tzu accessories you purchase should be sized for small dogs. Petco has lots of collar and harness options sized just right for a Shih Tzu, with pleasing patterns to make walks even more fun. And don’t forget a sturdy leash to keep your energetic Shih Tzu secure.

FAQ about Shih-Tzu supplies

The Shih Tzu is considered a small breed dog. Adults typically weigh between 12 and 16 lbs. and stand 8–11 inches tall. Therefore, Shih Tzu accessories should be sized for small dogs. A Shih Tzu’s neck is usually around 10–14-inches, and you’ll want the dog collar to have a snug fit with enough room to fit two fingers between your dog and the collar. Because Shih Tzus are prone to breathing troubles, a harness is also recommended.

Because Shih Tzus are small, friendly and adaptable to a range of living situations, they can be considered low-maintenance dogs in many ways. However, like any breed, the Shih Tzu has particular needs that should be met—and things that should be avoided—to be at their best. Some of the Shih Tzu products you’ll need and guidelines you’ll want to follow include:

  • Exercise:Shih Tzus have a reputation for being great lap dogs and adapting well to indoor living. However, you shouldn't neglect daily walks with your Shih Tzu, as they're also energetic and love to go outside. It's not ideal for Shih Tzus to sit inside all day with no chance to stretch their legs. You should plan to take your Shih Tzu on two walks a day and let them out for potty breaks every few hours.
  • Heat:Shih Tzus are not suited to very high temperatures and have a tendency to overheat easily. Stay away from hot environments; if they can't be avoided, only leave your Shih Tzu in hot environments for a very short time, as their health can suffer quickly if they get too hot. In fact, you may as well consider your air conditioner an essential Shih Tzu product during peak summer temperatures.