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Help your pet thrive
with science-led diets

Created by veterinarians and scientists for specific needs.

Specifically formulated, precise nutrition to address your most common pet health issues.

Weight Control

More than 50% of pets are overweight, which can affect a wide range of health conditions, including joint stress, diabetes and high blood pressure. Weight management formulas help pets feel fuller with high protein while losing weight through less calories.

Sensitive Stomach

If your pet has consistent diarrhea, gas or digestion issues, consider these formulas made with easily digestible ingredients for sensitive stomachs.

Skin & Coat

Whether it’s genetic, environmental or caused by something else entirely, many pets experience skin sensitivities. Help support a shiny, healthier skin and coat with formulas rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Straight nutrition talk, straight from an expert.

Learn more about scientifically formulated nutrition from Dr. Whitney Miller, Petco’s head of veterinary medicine, DVM.

We've turned our backs on artificial ingredients*

Pick out your pet’s right food with confidence knowing Petco’s commitment to health includes being the first and only national retailer to have removed all products containing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from our dog and cat food and treats.

*See how Petco defines artificial ingredients here.

Found the right food fast? Now take it slow.

The first thing you want is for your pet to eat well. The last thing you want to do is rush it. Help prevent tummy troubles by introducing their new food gradually.

Old Food


New Food

Days 1-3

25% new food

Days 4-6

50% new food

Days 7-10

75% new food

Day 11

100% new food

Taste test without worries

If your new food isn’t a good fit for your pet, our money-back guarantee has you (and your wallet) covered!

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Get the science behind the nutrition

Learn more about how to select the right food for your pet based on their specific health or lifestyle needs.

What to Feed Your Dog for Healthy Skin and a Shiny Coat

Different breeds have different dietary needs. Find what best fits your dog’s size and breed traits.

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What to Feed a Cat with Urinary Problems

Talk to your veterinarian about these cat foods that are tailor-made to help maintain urinary tract health.

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What to Feed a Dog with a Sensitive Stomach

Work out what’s triggering your pet’s sensitivities or issues with these tips and tricks.

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Looking for a different type of food?

Minimally Processed

High-quality ingredients that are minimally processed and easy to digest.

Elevate your pet’s meal with highly palatable recipes with high-quality ingredients. Less processing means more nutrients available to the body.

Affordable Quality

High-quality nutrition at prices that won’t break the bank.

Priced to make feeding the right food an option for every pet parent, enjoy a variety of recipes that feature meat as the first ingredient.

Try our new Right Food Finder tool to get personalized recommendations for your pet.

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