Reptile Parent


Reptile Parent


Reptile Parent

Scales, tails and supplies to get you started

Below are the basics to get through your first few days smoothly. It’s important to set up your pet’s habitat BEFORE you bring them home but if you need to pick up a few supplies, Petco is here for you!

Note: We always recommend first purchasing a reptile starter kit. This will provide the basic elements to create a safe new home for your small animal. Most include a terrarium with a top, food and water dishes, humidity gauge, thermometer, substrate and décor. Petco carries a variety of kits, including tropical, desert and species-specific.

Ball Python & Corn Snake

Note: We recommend a snake kit to provide the base elements of your habitat.

Aquatic Turtle

Note: We recommend an aquatic turtle kit to provide the base elements of your habitat.

  • Live Crickets, Mealworms & Fruit Flies

    Ensure your pet reptile has a healthy meal that will engage their natural instincts and behaviors.

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  • What to Know About Your New Pet Reptile

    Check out our articles and videos for useful tips on how to care for your new frog, gecko, snake or other new pet reptile.

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