It's time to go pet-friendly

We’re raising awareness of the benefits of pet-friendly offices and encouraging more employers to welcome pets into their workplaces.

Join the revolution for pet-friendly workplaces

Over the past year, more than 3 million incremental new pets have been adopted*, and as COVID-19 shifted a portion of the workforce out of offices and into their own homes, pets have been spending more time than ever with their pet parents.

*Source: Packaged Facts with adjustments from company internal estimates.


In a recent study, 69% of pet parents said they are worried about returning to work without their pets and hope their office will go pet-friendly. Their most common concerns include pet loneliness, separation anxiety and missed opportunities to bond.

Statistics from a 2021 Petco consumer survey of 2,101 U.S pet parents.

People having a meeting with small dogs on their laps

Benefits to pets when they're allowed in the office

Improved physical health

Pet parents can provide exercise and play opportunities more regularly throughout the day

Improved mental health

Pets thrive with companionship

Less loneliness can lead to decreased anxiety

Exposure to different environments helps reduce fear

Improved social health

Increased opportunities for interactions with other pets

Increased exposure to different people

Cat sitting next to woman working in cubicle

Benefits to employees when pets are allowed in the office

Improved physical health

May reduce heart rate and blood pressure

Reduced stress

Positive changes on self-reported anxiety, calmness and endocrine responses

Increased productivity and creativity

Dogs encourage more breaks, which contributes to improved morale, productivity and focus

Breaks often occur outside, which is linked to increased creative ideation

Less worry about pets at home without bathroom or exercise breaks

Able to stay and enjoy office happy hours or other activities

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How companies benefit from pets in the office

Enhanced attraction and recruitment

61% of employees would be more positive about their work/employer overall if it had a pet-friendly policy

41% would be more likely to consider switching to a pet-friendly employer

Improved employee retention

52% would be likely to stay with their current employer longer

72% would be more likely to decline a job offer with similar pay

Improved engagement and relationships

47% believe it would promote better work/life balance

53% believe it would lead to more positive working relationships with co-workers

Statistics from a 2021 Petco consumer survey of 2,101 U.S pet parents.

“It’s no secret that pets come with a multitude of benefits for humans, from reducing stress to improving health. When it comes to pets in the workplace, I’m confident that as more companies witness the positive effects that pets have on employees and company culture, the more they’ll see enhanced overall morale, which bodes well for business performance.”

- Dr. Whitney Miller, Petco Chief Veterinarian


We have the resources you need to help your office adopt a pet-friendly culture and ensure your pet can be their happiest, healthiest self—no matter where they spend the workweek.

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