Good health

starts in the bowl

Nutrition is the foundation of physical health. Find the right food for their individual needs to help them thrive.

Giving pets a taste of their full potential, one bite at a time

When your pet eats the right food, you may start to notice these six long-term health and wellness outcomes.



Healthy Weight

Strong Teeth and Bones

Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat

Strong Immune System

No more guesswork.
Get answers with our Right Food Finder.

We know choosing the right food can be hard. Not any more! Use our NEW Right Food Finder to quickly and easily get personalized food recommendations to help your pet live 100%.


We've turned our backs on artificial ingredients*

Pick out your pet’s right food with confidence knowing Petco’s commitment to health includes being the first and only national retailer to have removed all products containing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from our dog and cat food and treats.

*See how Petco defines artificial ingredients here.

Discover the right food for pets of every type

We believe these three types of nutrition lead the pack.

When it comes to helping pets get to 100%, these are the three categories of nutrition we stand behind.

Minimally Processed

High-quality ingredients that are minimally processed and easy to digest.

Elevate your pet’s meal with highly palatable recipes made with high-quality ingredients. Less processing means more readily available nutrients in every bite.


Created by veterinarians and nutritionists for specific needs.

Choose from complete, balanced formulas that help build stronger bodies and immune systems for pets of every age, size, breed and individual health needs.

Premium Kibble

High-quality nutrition with natural or holistic ingredients.

These high quality recipes ensure dogs and cats get the nutrition they need, with high-quality protein inclusions, plus probiotics for better digestion.

Still wondering what’s right for your pet?

Get answers with our Right Food Finder tool.

Get Started

Found the right food fast? Now take it slow.

The first thing you want is for your pet to eat well. The last thing you want to do is rush it. Help prevent tummy troubles by introducing their new food gradually.

Old Food


New Food

Days 1-3

25% new food

Days 4-6

50% new food

Days 7-10

75% new food

Day 11

100% new food

Taste test without worries

If your new food isn’t a good fit for your pet, our money-back guarantee has you (and your wallet) covered!

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Get the full scoop on feeding your pet right

We’ve got your back with articles, tips and resources to help you confidently choose the right food for a lifetime of health with your pet.

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