The best supplies for

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers can make fantastic pets, especially for families. They typically love to be around people and can be the ideal pet for households with kids. Many Labradors love to be cuddled and doted on, and their warm personalities make them easy to love and spoil.

Labradors usually come in three colors. Black Labs are the darkest colored and often appear to have the shiniest coats because of their glossy dark hue. Chocolate Labs are also usually silky in appearance, with rich, warm brown fur. Finally, golden or yellow Labs are the most varied on the color spectrum—their coats can range from almost white to tannish red in appearance.

All Labradors are considered to have easily manageable coats, though they have been known to shed more than other dog breeds. Petco's New Dog Guide is a great place to start learning about your newest family member's needs. And we’ve compiled some of the essential dog supplies you’ll need for your Labrador retriever to help keep them happy and living their best life.

To help you find some of the best dog supplies for your Labrador retriever, we've divided up our list of must-haves by category.

Dog Toys for Labrador Retrievers

Lab pups can be sweet and intelligent, but if they get bored or don't get enough attention, their destructive side may come out—especially when they're younger. Therefore, it's advisable to provide them with durable dog toys to keep them busy, entertained and active. You'll likely want to look for strong reinforced rubber so that your Lab can’t easily destroy the toys with their big teeth. These tend to be an appropriate choice for your dog since they can't rip pieces off or pose a choking hazard. Many durable dog toys are designed with pockets that can hold treats, helping to keep your dog’s minds sharp as they try to figure out how to remove the treat from the toy. At Petco, we have a great selection of dog toys to choose from in bright colors and fun shapes that will be ideal for your Labrador retriever.

In addition, Labs often love to play with plush dog toys that they can chew or snuggle with. And many come with squeakers inside that will activate their senses and encourage more play. And for exercise and bonding, fetch dog toys can be an excellent choice that your Lab will chase far and wide for hours of fun exercise.

Labrador Dog Crates

Labrador retrievers are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, and they typically have a particular affinity for people. Their instinct is usually to do whatever they can to make you happy and receive affection. These can be great qualities when trying to train your dog. When used properly, dog crates can help create a secure, comfortable place for your dog that can be used as their bedroom, when traveling or when they need to be confined to a certain space for a short amount of time.

One crucial factor in selecting a dog crate is size. If you have a puppy, remember that they're going to grow and usually quite quickly. It might be tempting to buy a large kennel right off the bat to save money, but it can be a good idea to start with a small dog crate for your puppy since one of the reasons to crate your dog is to make them feel secure. Labrador retrievers usually weigh between 55 and 80 lbs. when fully grown, so a kennel between 36- and 46-inches should be a suitable fit.

To enhance the feeling of security, you can also make their crates as cozy as possible. Placing the perfect-sized dog crate mat along with their favorite blankets and toys inside may help your pup enjoy their area. You may also want to throw some of their favorite dog training treats inside so they understand that being in their kennel can be a good thing. At Petco, we carry a variety of dog crates in various sizes to accommodate your dog's growth.

Labrador Dog Grooming Supplies

Most Labrador retrievers have short yet thick hair, and their coats are generally easy to maintain—barring any skin issues. Labradors tend to shed more than traditional short-hair breeds because they have a double coat to help keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Some useful dog grooming supplies to have on-hand for Labs can include a good brush that can reach the undercoat and remove the loose hair before it can fall. A good brushing is generally recommended once or twice a week. Monthly baths will help maintain your pup's hygiene as well. At Petco, we carry dog rakes, brushes and deshedding shampoo to help keep your pet's loose fur from falling all over your home.

Labrador retrievers can also be more prone to ear infections due to their affinity for swimming, so it may be a good idea to keep an eye on them and make sure there's no swelling, strong odor or discharge coming from their ears. Picking up an ear cleaning kit with your dog grooming supplies and using it regularly may benefit your pup. In addition, it can be helpful for pet parents to remember that the floppier the ear, the more prone it can be to infection.

Leashes, Collars and Harnesses

Labrador retrievers tend to be very active dogs with high energy, so having the correct solutions to help keep them secure on walks can be important. Petco's selection of dog collars, leashes and harnesses may give you peace of mind knowing they're precisely where you need them to be. Since Labradors tend to chew on just about anything, you may want to get a thick leash and durable collar that are both comfortable and durable. Since most Labs adore splashing around in the water, a waterproof collar may be a good option as well.

Dog name tags for their collar can also be a great idea for pet parents of Labradors. Since these canines are intelligent, they may find a way to escape from the yard or sprint away while at the dog park. Dog tags can be great even if your dog is microchipped. In addition, having a name and number handy so that people can reach out to you can help save the rescuer a trip to the vet and get your pet returned in a timely manner.

If your dog frequently strains against their leash due to their high energy—as is common with many Labrador retrievers—a dog harness can be a great solution. A no pull dog harness can help take pressure off their neck when used correctly, and it helps reduce strain on your arm and shoulder while training them to walk on a dog leash. However, it can be important to make sure that the harness fits properly, as an ill-fitting harness can make your dog uncomfortable and even cause serious injury. Measuring your dog's chest and neck can give you a good idea of what to look for when shopping for a harness.

Being a Labrador retriever parent can be so rewarding, and their loyal and lovable nature can make them good pets for many kinds of households. Having some of the best dog supplies for their breed can benefit your pup’s wellness and comfort.

FAQs About Labrador Retriever Supplies

It's advisable to provide Labradors with durable dog toys to keep them busy, entertained and active. Choose dog toys made from strong reinforced rubber so your Lab can't easily destroy them with their big chompers. These toys can be an appropriate choice since they can't rip pieces off that might pose a choking hazard. Another good option might be a strong Labrador chew toy or well-made rope toys.

We've listed some of our top choices for Labrador retriever dog food above. However, you can find more options and details in our Labrador Retriever Food Recommendations article. And for puppies, check out Petco's best-selling large breed puppy food.

While there are many dog crate sizes available, picking the right one for your Lab is key to ensuring a positive experience from the start of crate training. Too little space will leave your pup feeling cramped and uncomfortable, while too much space opens the possibility of accidents. The right dog crate size for your Lab will allow them to comfortably stand, turn around and lie down.

See our helpful chart below and learn more in our guide for Finding the Right Crate Size for Your Dog.

Dog Crate Sizes Length of Crate (Equal to length of adult dog from nose to tail +2-4”) Weight Common Breeds
XS 19" <20 lbs. Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian
S 24" 20-30 lbs. Jack Russell Terrier, Miniature Poodle
M 30" 30-40 lbs. Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Pit Bull Terrier
L 36" 40-70 lbs. Beagle, Bulldog, English Setter
XL 42" 70-90 lbs. Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Boxer
XXL 48" 90 lbs. + Great Dane, Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog

Yes. Labradors tend to shed more than other breeds due to their thick double coat. The double coat features a sleek, waterproof outer layer of hair on top of a fluffy undercoat that helps keep your Lab warm in all types of weather. You can get all your Labrador retriever dog grooming supplies and equipment at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or online.