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Dog Training


An important update to our guests:

We’re proud to be your dog’s grocery store, your cat’s pharmacy and the doctor’s office for many four-legged loved ones. Rest assured, we’re open and ready to continue serving the needs of pets and their families – including our in-store veterinary care and grooming services.

In an effort to properly manage social gatherings in our stores and to adhere to city mandates, new registrations for dog training classes are temporarily unavailable. If you’re already a Petco dog training customer, please call your local store to confirm current schedules.

To allow for appropriate social distancing, our in-home dog training, and in-store puppy play time and group dog training classes are temporarily unavailable. Pet parents are encouraged to continue reinforcing positive dog behaviors at home by following these tips from Petco’s dog training experts.

How it works

We'll match you with a trainer

Tell us a little about your goals for your dog, and we will pair you with Petco-certified dog trainer that matches your needs.

First session

The trainer will come to your home and do a FREE 15-minute assessment to get to know you and your dog and understand your goals. The trainer then will work with you and your dog for 60 minutes.

Personalized plan

Your trainer will give you a personalized plan outlining how you and your dog can work together to achieve your good-dog goals!

Made To Fit Your Needs

Benefits of in-home dog training:

Offered in the comfort of your own home

Flexible scheduling options

Certified trainers are carefully chosen for you and your dog

Great for dogs who may not be good candidates for in-store training

Earn Pals Rewards

Satisfaction guarantee

Find the right option for you and your pet:

Frequently Asked Questions

We can work with you to customize a package that addresses all of your training needs and encourage you to think about in-store packages, in-home sessions, as well as puppy playtime enrichment experiences.

In-home dog training is offered in select areas. Click here to see a list of locations that provide this service.

The pet parent's role in dog training is an important aspect driving the overall success of your dog's training. Prior to the trainer's arrival, please have high-value treats cut up into small pieces, have your dog on a leash as your trainer enters your home and answer any questions they have. Continuing your training with your dog after your trainer is gone will create consistency and help your dog continue to learn the rules and behaviors that are important for their growth.

All Petco-certified dog trainers will communicate with the pet parent from inquiry to final session and will work to address your training needs and goals.

No, only one dog can be trained at a time.

No. We do not have cat experience to best facilitate that form of training. We will refer you to someone who can.