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Trusted solutions for year-round pest prevention. It’s what we’d want if we were pets.

Do not use K9 Advantix II on cats.

Why your pet needs pest protection

A pest infestation can make your pet uncomfortable and your home uninhabitable. That’s why it’s important to use a preventive treatment on your pet year-round. As fleas & ticks begin to emerge in spring, peak in summer, and continue through the fall, use our Pest Heatmap to monitor activity in your area.
Check Your Pest Threat



Prep for flea & tick season by finding the right protection for your pet.



Be vigilant—shield your pet, home and yard from fleas & ticks.



Stop an outbreak in its tracks—a pest situation can go from bad to worse quickly.


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What’s your
pest threat level?

Flea & tick activity can vary by weather and season. See the current pest threat in your region to help safeguard your pet’s health.

Check Your Pest Threat

We’re here to support their health & wellness


Our groomers can apply select topical treatments for no extra charge* or treat an outbreak with our Flea Relief package.

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*Not available in all states. Dogs only, Proof of current vaccinations required.

Veterinary Services

Our vets can help diagnose and treat your pet’s pest issues and prescribe preventive medication.

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