Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes*

We're sure you'll agree that cats can make great pets. While they can bring joy into the lives of pet parents, one thing that typically isn't great about owning a cat is scooping up dirty cat litter. It can be messy, smelly work, but necessary for the health and wellness of your pet. With an automatic cat litter box, you can take some of the unpleasant work out of cleaning your feline's waste.


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Learn More About Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Finding some of the best automatic litter boxes can be tricky—they all can have helpful features, work in similar ways and make box cleanup easier. Here are some answers to common questions our pet parents have had about these boxes that might help you narrow down which litter box solution is right for you.

While they typically require some maintenance, any of our self-cleaning litter boxes can cut back on the amount of time you have to spend cleaning up cat mess when appropriately used. Plus, they help eliminate the need for you to see or smell waste, which can be worth the price for many pet parents.

This type of litter box is also great for cats who won't use their box when it's not completely clean. For busy families or people who work long hours, people with disabilities or illnesses, an automatic cleaning litter box can help with their daily routine.

Yes, but you'll want to find the right one. You can look for one with deep sides of at least 10-inches and an inner litter box area of at least 14- by 16-inches. Some of the best self-cleaning litter boxes for big cats and multiple cats may also have large waste receptacles and a paw-cleaning ramp, depending on your needs. You may also want to get a covered litter box to contain mess better and provide privacy.

The price of fully automatic cat litter boxes can depend on the size, features, and design you want. Smaller containers and ones without extra amenities will typically cost less and are likely a better solution for pet parents who don't need all the extras. On the other hand, higher-end litter boxes can monitor use and let you know via Wi-Fi-connected apps when it's time to empty them. They're sensitive enough to stop mid-clean if your cat enters the box, and you can set them to wait a certain amount of time before raking. These will typically cost a little more.

Automatic cat litter boxes typically use weight sensors to determine when your cat has used the bathroom. They wait either a set or programmed amount of time before deploying a rake or another mechanism to sift out waste and deposit it into a receptacle—typically a tray underneath the litter box.

Some self-cleaning cat litter boxes require special litter, while others can use any brand. Many will need a clumping litter of some sort so that the rake is effective. Most also require that you dispose of a tray or bag and replace it with a new one every week or so, and you may also need to clean the rake occasionally.

*Based on sales data.