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Your rabbit needs toys for chewing and entertainment, and you want to give them the best rabbit toys for both. Now you can with rabbit toys from Petco.


Pet parent faves

Enrich your rabbit’s life with this diverse list of good rabbit toys that our customers love. At Petco, we offer a range of happy rabbit toys so you can keep your pet entertained. These toys include chew toys, stuffed rabbit toys and more. Look below at our list of best-selling options. When it’s time to purchase toys for your rabbit, don’t forget to restock on their food and bedding as well.

Oxbow Enriched Life Celebration Cupcake for Small Animals


Enriched Life Celebration Cupcake for Small Animals

Toys and chews are important for encouraging natural behaviors and enrichment for your pet rabbit. The Oxbow Enriched Life Celebration Cupcake is the perfect toy to celebrate a special occasion with your pet. This pet rabbit toy is created with safe and natural materials including untreated wood and food-safe vegetable colors and is an excellent choice to encourage proper dental health in your pet. Find a reason to celebrate.

  • Untreated wood and food-safe vegetable colors
  • Encourages playing and chewing
  • Cute cupcake design for celebrating
  • 100% pet-friendly materials

You & Me Willow Ball Pack Chews

You & Me

Willow Ball Pack Chews

Willow Ball chews come in an assortment of sizes and can be tossed and rolled to encourage your bunny to exercise. The willow balls can also be chewed on to support your rabbit’s dental health. These rabbit chew toys are made with pet-safe dye and are an excellent choice for satisfying your bunny’s chewing instincts. Your bouncing bunny is sure to have a ball with these chews.

  • Satisfies natural chewing instinct
  • Promotes dental health
  • Made with pet-safe materials and dye
  • Good for play and exercise

Kaytee Apple Orchard Sticks


Apple Orchard Sticks

We know your rabbit is the apple of your eye. These all-natural wood chews are an excellent choice for preventing boredom and encouraging dental maintenance for your pet rabbit. The Apple Orchard Sticks are made from real apple trees and include a small hole so that they can be added to other accessories and toys. Your bunny will enjoy gnawing on these chews that aid in keeping their teeth clean, trim and strong.

  • Made from real apple trees
  • Ideal for chewing
  • Helps maintain dental health
  • All-natural material

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Table for Small Animals


Enriched Life Play Table for Small Animals

For encouraging natural behaviors and enrichment, you can’t beat the Oxbow Enriched Life Play Table. This activity center provides multiple places to hang various toys and chews and includes several toy-filled ropes to get you started. The variations of colors, sizes and textures are sure to keep your bunny entertained and encourage exploring and playing. Replacement toy ropes and accessories can be purchased as needed to replace the original ones after excessive wear. Keep calm and play on.

  • Great for exploring, playing and chewing
  • Encourages mental and physical activity
  • Made from natural materials
  • EPA, DHA and glucosamine help support large, strong bodies and support bones and joints
  • Provides multiple stimulating ways to engage

You & Me Large Block Chews

You & Me

Large Block Chews

Chews are an essential type of toy that your rabbit needs to keep their teeth trimmed and healthy. You & Me Block Chews are made with a vegetable-based dye for a colorful appearance in an assortment of fun designs. These happy rabbit toys come with a set of over a dozen blocks, so chews that are excessively worn can be easily discarded and replaced as needed.

  • Colorful shapes attract your pet’s attention
  • Good for chewing and dental health
  • Vegetable-based dye
  • 18-count pack for long-lasting play

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post for Small Animals


Enriched Life Play Post for Small Animals

This Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post is a fun and unique way to enrich your rabbit’s life and encourage bonding time. The play post features multiple strands of toys on rope that comes in an assortment of colors, textures and shapes that are sure to catch your bunny’s attention and promote curious exploring behavior. The rope toys can easily be discarded and replaced with new ones as excessive wear and tear occur. Hop into fun with this interactive pet rabbit toy for your rabbit pet.

  • Nurtures natural chewing and playing behavior
  • Assortment of shapes and colors for stimulating play
  • Made with natural materials
  • 100% pet-safe construction

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Learn More About Toys for Rabbits

As you’ll find when you get to know your pet, rabbits have strong and distinct personalities. They also have different preferences in toys. Almost all rabbits will appreciate rabbit chew toys. Their teeth never stop growing, so they regularly need to chew to keep their teeth a healthy length. Wicker, willow, cardboard and other materials make for some of the best rabbit toys for chewing. Just ensure that any chewables are made with rabbit-safe materials.

Aside from chew toys, some rabbits also like to chase and toss toys. Stuffed rabbit toys and even small balls can keep your rabbit entertained and provide healthy exercise. You can even purchase cat chase toys for your rabbit. A cheap rabbit toy option is to crumple a ball of paper for your rabbit. Just make sure they don’t start chewing on toys made of plastic, rubber or foil.

Finally, rabbits enjoy exploring their environment when they feel safe. Hanging toys can grab their attention, especially if those toys are chewable. At Petco, you can find hanging toy structures and replaceable ropes and toys, so your rabbit never runs out of fun.

Rabbits love, love, love to chew. In fact, chewing is a natural, healthy and necessary behavior for them. Their teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, and they need hard surfaces to chew on to keep their teeth trimmed.

If you don’t give your rabbit something to chew, they will find their own chew toys, which could end up being your wires, carpet, shoes or furniture. To prevent this destruction, give your rabbit plenty of chew toys.

When it comes to the best rabbit chew toys, most bunnies aren’t picky. They’ll chew on anything from hay to cardboard boxes and more. Some of the best chewing materials for rabbits are:

  • Apple branches (fully dried)
  • Willow branches
  • Pine firewood
  • Cotton towels
  • Aspen branches

Be careful with what you allow your rabbit to chew. Certain materials can be harmful to them. Carpet fibers, grass treated with pesticides or wood that has been treated with chemicals can all be harmful to your bunny. To keep your bunny safe, your best bet is to purchase rabbit chew toys from a reputable pet store, like Petco.

Long-term boredom isn’t a healthy state for any animal, including your bunny. While rabbits can’t die of boredom, exactly, a life without a lot of stimulation can cause your rabbit to engage in destructive and harmful behaviors. For example, bored rabbits may eat more, leading to obesity. They may also overgroom, which can cause life-threatening blockages in their stomach.

Rabbits who have the space to run and explore and plenty of rabbit toys to interact with will be healthier and happier than their bored counterparts.

To ensure your rabbit doesn’t get lonely or bored, set up a cage or rabbit hutch that provides plenty of room for your rabbit to move. If you keep your rabbit in en enclosure or hutch, make sure to take them out daily, so they have a chance to explore and run. You can also choose to allow your rabbit to roam freely. Many new rabbit guardians may not realize that rabbits can be house trained and can safely roam freely in the house with just a little bunny proofing on the part of the pet parent.

Finally, give your rabbit plenty of pet rabbit toys to play with when you can’t be around. Cheap rabbit toys include toilet paper rolls filled with hay or cardboard boxes. Rabbits also love chew toys made from wood. Many bunnies will also chase toys or climb and jump to explore toys that interest them.

Bunnies don’t like to be bored any more than you do, so make sure to add different interactive elements into their environment. First, if you are keeping your bunny in an enclosure or hutch, make sure they have room to move, walk and explore. The more room you can provide for your bunny, the better. Take them out every day so they have more time to roam. You can also housetrain your bunny and allow them to roam freely with the right bunny-proofing.

When they feel safe, bunnies become naturally curious. Add interesting elements to their environment, like steps and platforms. You’ll be amazed when your bunny jumps up to explore.

You can also give them a range of good rabbit toys, from chew toys to chase toys. Swap out toys for your rabbit regularly, so they don’t become used to them. Rabbit chew toys will always be a big hit. Rabbits possess a strong chewing instinct and will appreciate a willow twig or cardboard box to munch on between meals.

Rabbits also love to dig and burrow. Try filling a planter with potting soil and watch your bunny go to town. If you have your bunny in an outdoor hutch, make sure it is sunk at least 15 inches into the ground to ensure your rabbit doesn’t dig their way to freedom. With the right toys and environment, you can give your bunny a happy and enriched life.

*Based on sales data.