Keep your dog’s ID tag close while showing off their unique personality with the right dog collars and puppy collars made with high-quality materials in a range of styles. Discover best-selling favorites from our pet parents.


Pet parent faves

Ranging from cool dog collars to training collars to puppy collars, our customers agree that these collars might be the ideal solution for your pup.

Bond & Co. Teal leather bow tie dog collar, X-small/small

Bond & Co.

Teal leather bow tie dog collar, X-small/small

This unique dog collar can be a fabulous way to show off your dog’s bright and charming personality. This small dog collar can be a statement piece and ideal for small breeds or even as a puppy dog collar.

  • Adjustable buckle helps provide a comfortable fit
  • Can be great as a puppy or small dog collar
  • Bow tie adds style and charm
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Comes in 2 sizes—XX-Small and X-Small/Small

Reddy Burgundy webbed dog collar


Burgundy webbed dog collar

This unique dog collar comes in a stylish burgundy hue and is made with webbed fabric for durability. It can work great as a patterned dog collar offering style and comfort for even the most active dogs.

  • Adjustable for the right fit
  • Leather accent finish
  • Sturdy metal hardware
  • Comes in 3 sizes—Small, Medium and Large/X-Large

Reddy Gray webbed dog collar


Gray webbed dog collar

This stylish dog collar or puppy collar comes in a classic gray to complement all coat colors. Contrast stitching and a leather overlay add unique design elements to work great as a small or medium dog collar and large or even extra-large dog collar.

  • Adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Made with custom webbed fabric
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Includes corrosion-resistant D-ring, buckle and hardware
  • Comes in 4 sizes—X-Small/Small, Small, Medium and Large/X-Large

Good2Go Head halter for dogs


Head halter for dogs

This popular training halter gently encourages good walking behavior by redirecting tugging and pulling on the leash. The halter also allows your dog to eat, drink, pant and bark while enjoying the outdoors without sacrificing the pet parent’s control.

  • Padded for added comfort
  • Adjustable for the right fit
  • Gently helps steer your dog’s head to redirect behavior
  • Made with durable nylon
  • Metal clip attaches to leashes
  • Comes in 2 sizes—Medium and Large

Bond & Co. Mahogany leather dog collar

Bond & Co.

Mahogany leather dog collar

Simple and stylish, this cool dog collarcan help keep your pup looking dashing and feeling comfy. This dapper leather dog collar is made with genuine mahogany leather, so it’s no wonder it made our top-selling list of some of the best dog collars.

  • Fine craftsmanship made with genuine leather
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Silver metal hardware accents
  • Bond & Co. tag charm included
  • Includes D-ring for attaching additional dog accessories
  • Comes in 3 sizes—Small, Medium and Large

Good2Go Classic Training Dog Collar


Classic Training Dog Collar

Some dogs don’t know their own strength, so this training collar can be a great option to help encourage better leash behavior. A variety of sizes makes this an excellent choice, whether you want a small, medium or large dog collar.

  • Adjustable for the right fit
  • Helps correct behavior with an easily adjustable length and placement
  • Electronically welded links help provide extra control
  • Swivel ring helps minimize tangling
  • Comes in 4 sizes—Small, Medium, Large/X-Large and XX-Large/XXX-Large

Petsafe Products Blue gentle leader headcollar

Petsafe Products

Blue gentle leader headcollar

To help discourage pulling, lunging and jumping during walks, this popular headcollar gently moves your dog’s head and body back towards you, allowing you to lead the walk.

  • Can be a great training tool for dogs and puppies
  • Adjustable neck strap and nose loop
  • Applies pressure on the back of the neck instead of the throat
  • Allows dogs the mobility to open their mouth to drink, eat and pant
  • Training guide and DVD included
  • Comes in 2 sizes—Medium and Large

Star Mark Pro-training dog collar, large

Star Mark

Pro-training dog collar, large

Energetic dogs may want to lunge, jump or pull on their leashes during walks. This training collar can help give pet parents more control when enjoying the great outdoors together and helps encourage good walking behavior.

  • Adjustable with the ability to add or remove links
  • Helps provide effective control
  • High-strength polymer construction designed for extra durability
  • Comes in size Large

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Learn More About Dog Collars

When choosing the best dog collar or best collar for your puppy, find one that fits comfortably and matches your pup’s personality. Some collars may also help you modify negative behaviors and promote positive behaviors. Learn more about the essentials of going out-and-about with your dog in our guide for dog collars, harnesses, leashes and ID tags.

Your dog should wear a collar at all times to ensure that their ID tags are always with them. These ID tags can help your curious canine return home if they should ever get lost or race off too far. However, not every collar is ideal for 24-hour wear.

Certain training collars should be swapped for more traditional simple collars after training sessions end. Check the instructions that come with your training collar to determine if it can be comfortably worn for long periods. Leashes, halters and harnesses should also be removed at the end of each walk to help keep your canine comfortable during downtime. Learn all about the types of dog collars and harnesses available and which one could be the right fit for your pet.

Even if you’re asleep, that doesn’t mean your curious pup won’t be up and about. A door left open or a break in the fence could allow your dog to accidentally wander off at night. For this reason, dogs should most likely always wear collars with ID tags attached, including at night. Some training collars should be taken off and replaced with traditional collars after the training session is over. If you’re worried about your dog wearing their collar to bed at night, consult your veterinarian.

Comfortable, well-fitting dog collars with ID tags attached are often great for dogs to wear when used appropriately. The most important factor is to ensure the right fit for your dog. A collar should ideally be tight enough that it doesn’t come off but loose enough so your dog can breathe comfortably.

Puppies grow quickly, and even adult dogs can increase in weight, so check the fit of your dog’s collar periodically. You should be able to slide two or three fingers between the collar and your dog’s skin. Also, if your pet is a breed that may be susceptible to breathing challenges—such as a bulldog—it can sometimes be best to walk them using a harness instead of connecting a leash directly to their collar to help protect their ease of breathing. Find some popular dog collars, harnesses and leashes for all sizes.

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