Best Cat Halloween Costumes*

What are the best cat costumes to try this season? Let your cat’s personality and demeanor determine what suits them. Browse our selection of top-sellers and see other pet parent favorites to find the cutest cat outfits for your pet.


Pet parent faves

Many discerning cat parents and their stylish pets agree that these are the some of the best cat costumes for Halloween.

Bootique Land Shark Harness Costume


Land Shark Cat Harness Costume

What kitty costume could be better for sneaky cats than one that comes with a warning shark fin? If your pet likes to stalk you from under beds or behind furniture, they might be channeling their inner shark instinct. Let them look the part with this plush harness-style cat costume with textures and colors that reflect the ocean waves. You can even hook on a leash to this harness and take your cat out for trick or treating or other spooky activities.

  • One size fits all
  • Body-hugging harness with secure closure for easy on and off
  • Machine washable soft materials
  • Plush fin details for cuteness and comfort
  • Includes 4-foot leash

Bootique Kitty Up Cat Costume


Kitty Up Cat Costume

Your cat can be the fastest steed in the West with this cowboy-inspired cat costume. Change up the game of cat-and-mouse to an adorable horse-and-rider partnership featuring a plush mouse cowpoke taking your cat on a ride. This harness-style costume leaves plenty of freedom for your active cat to play and move.

  • One size fits all
  • Soft, quality construction
  • Hook-and-loop closures for easy wear and removal
  • All-fabric construction with no small plastic parts
  • Back-sitting harness design for minimal distraction

Bootique Bratty Batty Cat Costume


Bratty Batty Cat Costume

If your cat enjoys the darker side of Halloween, look for pet cat costumes with a spookier theme. This cat Halloween costume helps channel the hair-raising spirit of the holiday with shiny black, pointy bat wings. The simple design stays high on the back and hugs the body with soft straps and easy hook-and-loop closure, ensuring your feline can enjoy thrills and chills without getting spooked.

  • One size fits all
  • Hook-and-loop-closing body band and neck harness for secure comfort
  • Moldable, high-sitting wings
  • Plush, soft construction

Bootique Born to Unicorn Cat Costume


Born to Unicorn Cat Costume

For the one-of-a-kind cat, this two-piece unicorn kitty costume will set them apart. Showcase how special and unique your cat is by dressing them as a magic mythical creature. The headpiece, with its rainbow mane, ear holes and hook-and-loop chin strap features a golden plush horn and gold-lined ears to give your cat a shine to match their personality. When it comes to costumes for cats, this one will make them the most mystical of all.

  • One size fits all
  • Body and head piece provide head-to-tail coverage
  • Hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off
  • Soft material for comfort with plush details

Bootique Mean Queen Cat Costume


Mean Queen Cat Costume

For the aristocratic cat, this fancy gown and high-set wig bring to mind historical opulence. Pink and blue silky fabric and bows will leave your cat looking like the royalty they know they are. This cat costume is all about finery and luxury, so don’t be surprised if to trick or treaters your cat responds, “let them eat cake.”

  • One size fits all
  • Wig with drawstring closure for secure fit and easy removal
  • Hook-and-loop closure around chest and midsection
  • Tulle lining gives skirt more volume
  • Bow and lace details

Bootique Headless Horseman Cat Costume


Headless Horseman Cat Costume

Folklore and legend come to life with this cat Halloween costume that brings the Headless Horseman a cute twist. Your cat serves as the horse, ridden by a plush mouse holding his jack-o-lantern head. The hooded hat and soft black “saddle” add comfort and warmth while dressing up your pet for holiday festivities.

  • One size fits all
  • Looks like two pieces in one with attached hood
  • Secure and easy hook-and-loop closure
  • Mouse sits out of sight on the back for minimal distractions

Bootique Crooked Cat Costume


Crooked Cat Costume

For jokesters and pets with lots of personality, some of the best cat Halloween costumes include puns. That’s why this cat burglar costume is perfect for your funny pet. The hat and mask combo attach with a flexible drawstring closure for easy use, and the striped t-shirt with money bag attachment complete the look. This cat costume is criminally cute.

  • One size fits all
  • Pull-on t-shirt design with top opening for easy leash access
  • Beanie-style hat with attached mask
  • All-fabric design with no detachable parts

Bootique Flower Power Cat Headpiece


Flower Power Cat Headpiece

Pet cat costumes like this floral headpiece work well for other times of year than just the Halloween season. Celebrate the arrival of spring or your cat’s next birthday party with this circular flower power piece. Plushie and multi-layered, cat outfits like this are a comfortable yet festive way for your pet to celebrate.

  • One size fits all
  • Simple design and wear with big impact
  • Fits like a collar for full-outfit-adverse pets
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Soft, layered materials for comfort and appeal

Bootique Berry Cute Cat Headpiece


Berry Cute Cat Headpiece

Cute, fresh and fun, this strawberry headpiece is a go-to cat costume for any event. Easy to put on and take off, the side hook-and-loop closure comfortably secures this headpiece. The pillowy border surrounds your cat’s face, making them the center of this plump strawberry treat.

  • One size fits all
  • Soft and durable for multiple wears
  • Suitable for year-round use
  • Sizable ear holes for ultimate comfort
  • Easy on-and-off hook-and-loop closure

Bootique Teddy Bear Illusion Costume for Pets


Teddy Bear Illusion Costume for Pets

Illusion costumes for cats have become a popular choice and make for fun social media posts. Transform your pet into a teddy bear and watch the illusion unfold as they run toward you. This kitty costume features a front-facing fuzzy bear body that looks like your favorite classic toy bear. Made to fit on your pet’s front legs and around their face and head, this costume comes in various sizes for fit and comfort.

  • Available in eight sizes ranging from XX-Small to 3X-Large
  • Hook-and-loop closure for easy wear
  • Soft materials and durable construction
  • Good for dogs and cats

Bootique Dinosaur Roar Pet Costume


Dinosaur Roar Pet Costume

If your pet has a ferocious side, let them show it off in this full-body dinosaur costume. Made for both cats and dogs, pick from the smaller sizes to fit your feline, and see just how fierce they can be. With a hooded head, faux arms and scales up the back, this green textured fabric outfit secures comfortably around your pet’s midsection. Hook-and-loop closure keeps it in place but easy to remove.

  • Available in eight sizes ranging from XX-Small to 3X-Large
  • Soft, textured materials and durable design
  • Two hook-and-loop closure points
  • Hood fits on back of head for optimal visibility
  • Sizes for dogs and cats

Bootique Fierce Feline Pet Costume


Fierce Feline Pet Costume

Connect your pet to their wildcat heritage and see their inner tiger roar. This makes an especially cute kitten Halloween costume, as it comes in a size range that starts at XX-Small. Watch your little kitty transform into a fierce feline in this head-to-tail cat costume. The head portion sits high so your cat’s vision is not obstructed, and the hook-and-loop closures secure the costume around their chest and middle.

  • Available in eight sizes ranging from XX-Small to 3X-Large
  • Great for dogs and cats
  • Hook-and-loop closure for easy positioning
  • Soft materials and sturdy construction

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Learn More About the Best-Selling Cat Halloween Costumes

As long as the outfit is designed specifically for pets, is easy to put on and remove and is made from pet-safe materials, there is virtually no limit to the types of cat Halloween costumes you can buy. Depending on your cat’s personality and tolerance, they may prefer t-shirt-style cat outfits that hug their body or cute cat costumes with more to them—like two-piece options with hats or headpieces.

You can absolutely put your pet in cat Halloween costumes, but be sure to pay attention to their demeanor. If they change their behavior, paw, meow or otherwise seem uncomfortable, check that you have not put the costume on wrong and make sure it’s not too tight. If your cat resists the outfit, you should remove it and find something more to their liking. There are lots of simple options like kerchiefs, ties and bowties and harness-style choices that don’t impede sight or movement.

Be sure to choose the correct size and look for options that are easy to get on and off. Never force a clothing item and always observe your cat’s behavior once the piece is on and secured correctly.

Browse the Petco Halloween Shop to pick out the best cat costumes for your pet and look for Bootique pet costumes and goods for everything from Halloween pet treats and toys to matching pet parent pajamas. You can find an array of cat Halloween costumes and cat outfits at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or online.

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