Best* Rabbit Cages

Looking for a great rabbit habitat for your pet? Petco carries some of the best-selling indoor bunny cages to get you started and make sure your pet is comfortable and happy. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect home for your new friend.


Pet Parent Faves

Bunny parents know they can count on Petco to provide them with the best options for their long-eared friends. Here’s a list of best-selling indoor bunny habitats.

You & Me Living the Dream Small Animal 2-Door Habitat

Best Indoor Rabbit Habitat

You & Me

Living the Dream Small Animal 2-Door Habitat

One of the best indoor rabbit cages, the You & Me Living The Dream Small Animal Habitat is an excellent choice for giving your bunny a comfortable home with room to move around. This easy-clean rabbit cage has two entries, a spill-friendly plastic base and wire top to keep your pet secure while providing plenty of ventilation. The ramp and platform provide extra room for your bunny to explore and play on. This habitat also includes removable wheels that allow for ease of moving around your home as needed.

  • 40” L X 17.5” W X 21” H
  • Ideal for small animals, like dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Includes a ramp and second level platform
  • Front and top doors for easy access
  • Removable wheels allow for hassle-free travel and mobility

Kaytee My First Home Rabbit Starter Kit

Best Rabbit Starter Kit


My First Home Rabbit Starter Kit

A starter kit can be a great way to get most of the essentials bundled in one when setting up a new home for your pet. This starter kit includes not only a large secure indoor rabbit cage for your pet but also a bag of bedding, a water bottle, a food dish and a rebate for a pack of rabbit food. The starter habitat is designed to be easy to assemble with a base to reduce scattering of bedding and a wire top with chew-proof latches to keep your rabbit secure in its home.

  • 30” L X 18” W X 16.5” H
  • Kit includes habitat, $10 rebate off Kaytee Rabbit Food, Clean & Cozy bedding, water bottle and food dish
  • Deep plastic base that prevents bedding from scattering
  • Chew-proof latches and locks to keep pets secure
  • Easy-to-assemble—no tools required
  • 1” bar spacing to be the ideal habitat for a rabbit

Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Outdoor Run

Best Indoor/Outdoor Rabbit Home

Trixie Natura

Animal Hutch with Outdoor Run

For the pet parent wanting extra room for their rabbit, the Trixie Natura Animal Hutch provides just that. This indoor/outdoor habitat includes a secure hutch that your bunny can enjoy as its cozy home, as well as a ramp to a large wire run that they can explore and exercise in. The easy-clean rabbit cage hutch includes a slide-out tray and multiple doors to access your pet. There is also a convenient door between the hutch and the run, which is useful when cleaning or if you want them to stay in their hutch. The outside fenced area provides a secure area for your bunny to stretch their legs and get some fresh air.

  • Size: X-Small
  • Total measurements: 61” L X 20.75” W X 27.5” H
  • Hutch measurements: 30” L X 21” W X 28” H
  • Run measurements: 31” L X 21” W X 23” H
  • Brown wooden color
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 2-floor hutch with connecting indoor ramp
  • Pull-out metal tray for fast and easy cleaning

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Learn More About Rabbit Cages

Rabbits are very social creatures, and most love to be out of their cage and around their pet parents. However, they do need their own habitat for their food, litter box and bed. Most rabbits prefer their habitat in a high-traffic area so they can see their family and feel included.

The best indoor rabbit cage will be spacious and comfortable. Your bunny should enjoy being in their habitat and feel cozy and secure. There should also be room for their litter box, a bed and a place to eat, along with areas for play.

The best type of cage also depends on how long they are going to be in it. If your bunny is going to be in their cage for long periods, make sure you pick a habitat with stimulating features like ramps or hidey-holes.

Pets are a lot like people—they have their own preferences. Most rabbits love exploring, so a multi-tiered indoor rabbit cage may be a fun adventure. When shopping for multi-level cages, it’s important to make sure the base of the cage is still very wide, because that may be where they spend most of their time.

You want to make sure your hutch has a lot of ventilation and light. You also want to make sure it has a secure latch just in case your pet pulls a bunny-Houdini move and jimmies it open. Hutches can sometimes be high off the ground, so you don’t want your friend to get hurt. The best hutches usually have a connecting ramp and play area for your rabbit so they can get a lot of exercise.

Shop Petco for all the best rabbit accessories. Along with housing, we also carry rabbit playpens, so your pet doesn’t hop away during play. We also carry some delicious bunny treats to help reward and bond with your rabbit. Visit us at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or shop online to get set up for your bunny.

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